143 How Can A Mother Sleep When Her Only Son Spent The Night Shivering In The Cold?

Nina sat up quickly; awkwardness rippled around her a bit. Her mother clearly instructed her to get up early on her first day here, and made something for Lu Yifeng and his mother. She even reminded her time and again to call her first thing in the morning, for she wanted to instruct her on the procedure.

"Good Morning. Yes, I did. What about you?" Nina asked with her morning voice.

"Your coffee's getting cold." Feng Biyu opened the limited edition magazine in her hand, which cost a king's ransom per page, as it contained only exclusive and unpublished works of pre-eminent photographers from all over the world. Moreover, the cover page was adorned with gold and diamond, spiking up the price further.

Nonetheless, her eyes only lackadaisically skimmed on the contents lying on the pages; for some reason, unable to hone in on. "How can a mother sleep when her only son, flesh and blood, spent the entire night shivering in the cold?"


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