5 The Renaissance went wrong, I was saved by the ex-machine god!

Meanwhile, after Ting Ting brings Chu Jiayi to the small world within the big Hero World. Ting Ting said goodbye while Chu Jiayi took possession of his body once again, unfortunately, things did not go as expected for him.

Chu Jiayi really thought he would be lucky for the gods, literally, for this rebirth, however, things did not go as planned!

A strong soul invaded his body at that very fragile moment and even with the pearl of the Titanic Dragons, Chu Jiayi's soul was still weak, it must be remembered that the effect of this item is progressive and not immediate, so it was very clear that Chu Jiayi was losing to this invading spirit!

"Great, besides gaining such a good body, you came to bring me rare gifts! Hahahaha! This old man is very lucky today! "Said the invading spirit maliciously, again undermining the energy of Chu Jiayi's soul, who could only try to defend himself.

When Chu Jiayi thought this would be his second death, this time the ultimate death, a powerful soul appeared, looking as bright as the sun at noon!

"I arrived on time!" Said the voice of the powerful soul, Chu Jiayi could not see clearly that soul but felt much calmer with that soul around.

"Hey, don't disturb! Go look for another body! This beautiful body here is mine! "The malicious spirit said arrogantly, ignoring the powerful luminosity of the new soul. This spirit had too much baggage to be arrogant, it came from one of the great powerful sects that dominated the entire universe.

Of course, in front of an ex-machine god, literally, he was nothing but a little bug!

Karla-03 didn't even need much effort to absorb the powers of this malicious spirit, besides, she just opened a portal of death and threw remnants of her soul into the Hell River. Perhaps this spirit after much suffering had a chance to reincarnate like a stone after a few millennia!

Chu Jiayi was no longer having his soul drained by this malicious spirit, but still, he was still weak and could not move. Karla-03 sighed and took the silver ring with the red jade, she linked this ring to Chu Jiayi's soul.

"Do you want to live?" Karla-03 asked using his robotic voice, which he had not used for many centuries. To Chu Jiayi, it was the voice of a mighty god when speaking to little mortals.

"I want to live!" Chu Jiayi replied weakly, even without being able to move, which gave her a horrible feeling in his heart.

Then, as Karla-03 installed his young master's soul into Chu Jiayi's body, pure white light illuminated the inside of that person's body. In addition, a strong smell of peach blossoms perfumed not only the body but the environment.

"So live a good life, we'll take care of your family and turn the fate of your tragedy into something wonderful." The voice was from a woman and sounded kind and benevolent, unlike the first female voice that spoke to him. Chu Jiayi felt even more comforted, his whole soul was warmth, and he finally let himself be carried away by that soft, loving heat, closing his eyes to the void.

Did Karla-03 look at everything and get hopeful, since that meant his young master could be retrieving the memories of her life as a goddess?

But what about this strong smell of peach blossoms? Thought Karla-03 as he saw Chu Jiayi's body being carried through a portal of space and time.

"Was it too much of the Thousand-Year Peach Nectar?" Karla-03 kept thinking as she watched her young master's luminous soul weaken and finally integrate into Chu Jiayi's body.

"Well, it shouldn't be too dangerous, right? What were the adverse effects of this medicine? Aya, I do not remember! I'll look later in my database, that should be no big deal, "Karla-03 thought, assuming his feminine, monotonous tone of a good system so that the young mistress of his family wouldn't have a big shock on awakening this world.

Of course, in the future Karla-03 would know that this peach scent was a great evil that would afflict his young master for a long time!

In the world of the gods, the goddess Lan Lan had on several panties of various goddesses, but she didn't steal this time! Which was new, since the goddess Lan Lan loved to provoke gods and goddesses, just to not get bored.

"Our goddess sisters are very good people! I just needed to tell about that bitch and the harem of flowers, that they were all sympathetic and donated their panties to be thrown on that bitch! "Said the goddess Lan Lan as she carried a basket full of soft and beautiful silk panties, some had a Modern design, others were older and longer, others were very bold and thin… Anyway, there was a wide variety of panties that would satisfy the desire to play that bad woman!

"Of course, she was going to donate her panties for that, you said this evil woman killed the Jade Emperor's younger brother while he was reincarnated in the mortal world! Which goddess would refuse to donate her underwear if they could help humiliate someone who offended the imperial lineage ?! If you had asked the men to give, they would have given too! "Said Ting Ting following closely with her Jade Empress, she had already sent a message to the Jade Emperor reporting the matter, since everything was very calm.

"Ting Ting, you're right! I will order the palace servants on behalf of the emperor to collect the panties of our male gods to throw not only on this evil woman but on the harem flowers who dare to try to cling to my brother-in-law! "Said the lively goddess Lan Lan, as a happy little girl carrying her basket of panties down the gold and silver road that led to the Imperial Palace.

Ting Ting wanted to spit blood just for opening her mouth and making a random comment! At least it would be a servant man who would collect the underpants, it would be very bad if it was the Empress herself who would take the underpants of all the gods, most likely the Jade Emperor would have to send all these gods for punishment or forced reincarnation in the human world!

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