Living In Another World With A Farm

If he wanted to boss around, he could do whatever he wanted. I would continue to farm, but if he tried to attack me, then he would not live to see another day. Zhao Hai was a shut-in until he was transmigrated to another world with a farm and taken over the body of a fallen noble. The land that the noble had was one that could not grow anything. He also had a fiance who was the heir to a principality. To make matters even worse, he was talentless in martial arts and magic where he couldn’t even learn both. “So what if I can’t do magic? I have my farm. Let’s see you try and attack me! I’ll let my bugs out to devour all of your military rations! I’ll put pesticides in your water source and grow weeds on your land! Let’s see you try and attack me after that!” “What? You’ll hire assassins to kill me? Try and do that when I’m hiding inside my farmhouse. Once that is over, I’ll rid your country of all your food sources! Your citizens will come after you instead of you coming after me!” The shut-in had a slightly foul personality. This is a story of how he, and his farm, became a nightmare to the people of a world of swords and magic.

Ming Yu · Eastern
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Zhao Hai threw the water ball into the spring in the Space Farm. Anyway, this water was not poisonous and the quality was good.

Then, Zhao Xin turned his gaze to the pile of black soil that had yet to be modified. There was not much black soil, only half a meter tall pile.

Zhao Hai already knew that he could use space soil and space water to modify this black soil, but he was not in a hurry to do so. He wanted to conduct an experiment and find the best modification plan.

After looking at the pile of black soil for a while, Zhao Hai said in a low voice, "Shovel, divide it into ten parts."

Just as Zhao Hai gave the order, before the shovel could move, the black soil on the ground automatically split into ten parts. When Zhao Xin saw this situation, he could not help but be delighted. It seemed like as long as anything entered this Space Farm, they would move according to his will.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai decided to test it out. He said in a low voice, "Space Farm, calculate the best ratio of space soil and space water to black soil to improve the black soil."

"Exceeding authority, unable to calculate!"

"F*ck, it's better to rely on myself then." Zhao Hai couldn't help but curse. He filled the bucket with the spring water and shoveled a pile of space soil.

The reason why Zhao Hai calculated this ratio was because he was afraid that if he used too much space soil, there would be less soil in the Space Farm. If that happened, the gains would not make up for the losses.

Space Farm was Zhao Hai's greatest reliance now. If it was destroyed, all his plans would be in vain. There would be no way to realize them. He would return to that poor state of waiting for death.

Out of this consideration, Zhao Hai wanted to calculate the optimal ratio of space soil and space water to modify the black soil. This way, not only could he improve the black soil better, but he could also prevent using too much space soil and space water.

Although the settings in this Space Farm were basically the same as the game, this place had become Zhao Hai's last reliance. He could not be as casual as in the game. Every step had to be calculated.

Zhao Hai first sprinkled the space water on the black soil, then carefully observed the changes in the black soil while calculating the ratio of the two.

When the water poured on the black soil, it was like the immortal dew in Guan Yin's water vase. The black soil that was like oil sand started changing and turned into a color unique to the black soil. The sand-like things inside slowly disappeared and turned into ordinary soil.

After the small pile of black soil was completely improved, Zhao Hai carefully calculated that it was about a 15 to 1 ratio. In other words, he could use one-fifteenth of space water to modify a unit of black soil.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with this result. This meant that the space water was very good at improving the black soil. Then, Zhao Hai sprinkled the space soil on another pile of black soil. This time, the change in the black soil was different from when he used space water. The black soil modified by space soil looked more fertile than the black soil modified by space water, but the ratio of the space soil used was ten to one.

Zhao Hai turned to the third pile of black soil. This time, he used space water and space soil in a ratio of nine to one to modify the black soil. The result was successful, but the modified black soil was no different from the black soil modified with space water.

The result was the same with an eight to two and seven to three ratio. With a six to four ratio, the black soil became as fertile as the black soil modified with just space soil. A five to five ratio looked no different from a six to four ratio.

There was no need for Zhao Hai to experiment anymore. Using space water and space soil according to the ratio of six to four should be the best ratio to improve the black soil. It would not cause too much waste. Moreover, the improved black soil was of the best quality.

With such a test result, Zhao Hai was very satisfied. He put the bucket back and the soil back to the ground before leaving the Space Farm.

After returning to his room, Zhao Hai sat there quietly and sorted out his gains from this trip. The land had been upgraded, and he could reclaim more land. He had found the best formula for improving the black soil. Then, he should start preparing to improve the black soil. It was already April. If he did not do it now, it would be past the farming season.

Although Zhao Hai could not distinguish between the five grains, he still knew the basic knowledge of sowing seeds in spring and harvesting in autumn. It was the spring season now, and it was time to farm.

Now, he had 200 gold coins in the Space Farm, six bags of pasture seeds, two bags of cabbage seeds, two bags of corn seeds, and two bags of wheat seeds. There were also 40,000 kilograms of radishes in the warehouse. This was all he had now.

Fortunately, all the seeds could be brought out of the Space Farm. In other words, as long as he improved the land outside, he could plant the seeds obtained from the Space Farm outside.

As he thought about this, Zhao Hai walked out. He had to measure the land as soon as possible to carry out the modification plant. As soon as he walked out, he saw Wood and Rock standing in front of the door. It seemed like no one had come to look for him.

Zhao Hai nodded at the two of them and said, "Wood, find a bundle of ropes and a ruler. Let's go measure the land." Although Wood did not know why Zhao Hai was doing this, he still nodded.

Because they were going to the Black Soil Wilderness which had nothing, Grimm had prepared almost everything they needed. The most important thing was food, seeds, and various living expenses. He had naturally prepared a lot of things like ropes and rulers.

Wood was not in a hurry to find them. Instead, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Young Master, it's almost lunchtime. Grandma Merlyn has already returned to prepare lunch for you. Let's go after lunch."

Zhao Hai was stunned. He looked at the sky and saw that it was indeed noon. After hearing Wood's words, he felt a little hungry. He nodded and said, "Alright, let's talk after lunch." With that, he led the two of them to the castle's dining room.

As soon as the three of them arrived at the dining room, they saw Merlyn and Meg setting the table. Seeing that Zhao Hai was here, Merlyn quickly bowed to him and said, "Young Master, you're up. I was about to get Meg to call you for dinner."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Get up, Grandma Merlyn. The slaves can stop cleaning the cave in the afternoon, ask them to clean it tomorrow. Anyway, it's impossible to transport the blue-eyed rabbits now. In the afternoon, prepare a ruler and rope and measure the black soil outside. Make a mark every ten acres. It's spring, right? We have to hurry."

Hearing Zhao Hai's words, Merlyn said with an ugly expression, "Young Master, the black soil outside can't be cultivated at all. Although we bought a lot of seeds, those seeds are to be planted on the mountain. It's a waste to plant them in the black soil. It's useless to measure it."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Don't worry, Grandma Merlyn. I have a way to improve the black soil outside. I can make those black soil fertile. You just have to be in charge of measuring the soil."

Merlyn's eyes lit up. "Young Master, are you serious? Do you really have a way to improve the land outside? Can you make those lands farmable?" Her voice was trembling. She was too excited. The area here in the Black Soil Wilderness was the largest plain in the entire Aksu Empire. It covered a third of the entire Aksu Empire. However, this place had never been included in the empire's land because it was a land of death.

But if this place could be cultivated, and those black soil could produce crops, what would this place become? It would become the richest and most coveted place in the entire Aksu Empire.

Although the Ark Continent was a magical civilization, and people paid more attention to things like magic, martial arts, and magic crystal mines, agriculture was the foundation of a country. This was an indisputable fact.

Food was the most important thing to the people. No matter how strong your magic was, it could not be eaten! No matter how powerful your martial arts were, you had to eat! Even if a country was rich, it was impossible to not plant anything. No country would leave food, a top priority that concerned the livelihood of the people, to other countries. If that was the case, that country would not be far from destruction.

If all the land in the Black Soil Wilderness could be cultivated, there was no doubt that this place would become the entire continent's granary. There was no other place on the continent that was as flat and easy to farm as the Black Soil Wilderness.

The most important reason for Merlyn's excitement was that in order to completely prevent the Buda family from having a chance to make a comeback, His Majesty Aksu Abajo had reached an agreement with the Buda family under the witness of the temple envoys and other countries. Under the witness of God, this place would become the permanent fiefdom of the Buda family.

This agreement was not to be underestimated. Because this agreement was witnessed by the envoys of various countries and was recognized by the temple, it was witnessed by God. Anyone who dared to violate this agreement was disrespectful to God and would be attacked and punished by all the forces on the continent.

There was another special point of this alliance. Because of the witnesses of the various countries, even if the Aksu Empire was destroyed and other countries ruled this land, the Black Soil Wilderness would still belong to the Buda family. No empire had the right to take it back, including the temple.

Think about it, what would it be like when Zhao Hai completely improved this land? Zhao Hai would obtain the largest fief on the Ark Continent, and it would exist forever. No one had the right to take it back!

How could Merlyn not be excited? If Zhao Hai really improved the land, the Buda family would become the richest and strongest family in the Ark Continent.