13 Message - 4.2

"A little girl you say? So this old man finally has a granddaughter! At least there is something good to come out of this matter..."

Hearing the Commander general's musings, Wu Qiang could only silently nod in agreement as he kept his mouth shut.

Shooting him a glance, Feng Guo Liang's eyes narrowed slightly as his whole aura suddenly shifted.

"Where there any complications during the birth? How are my grandchildren?"

"Young Master is fine and uninjured but the little miss was born weak due to the premature birth and based on Mo Jiang's preliminary examination of the little miss, due to potency of the poison that was inflicted on the Young Madam, the little miss' body and constitution was affected. Before this servant left, Mo Jiang was still checking up on the status of both the little miss and Young Madam so this subordinate does not have any further information regarding them."

"That is fine. This General understands... As for my son, did he report to the Emperor yet?"

"Not yet but from what this subordinate knows, Deputy General Feng would be reporting as soon as he can."

"The sooner, the better! You may leave first and take a quick rest. Afterwards, report back to me."

"If you'll pardon this one then this subordinate shall take his leave."

"En. Go."

After Wu Qiang left, Feng Guo Liang stayed inside the tent for a long time and by the time that he went out, his whole aura was sharper and more domineering.

With a wave of his hand, one of his most trusted subordinates appeared by his side.

"Go and give this to Wu Qiang, make sure he hands this letter to my son as soon as possible. When he leaves, go and escort him back to make sure that no accidents happen along the way."

"As Master commands..."

Without another word, Feng Guo Liang's subordinate left, leaving him alone to stand there with a frown.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Feng Guo Liang turned on his heel before sharply barking out orders, putting the news he got and what happened earlier to the back of his mind.

On the other hand, Wu Qiang who just received the letter, decided to immediately make preparations to go back and within the time to burn half an incense stick, he had already saddled up a new horse and was set to leave the military camp.

It took Wu Qiang several hours and luckily he didn't encounter any accidents or mishaps on the way back and after arriving safely, he thanked the commander general's subordinate who just nodded in reply before departing swiftly.

Without further ado, he immediately went to find Feng Bing Wen and just as he predicted, he found him at the young madam's courtyard with his son and newborn daughter.

After seeing him, Feng Bing Wen quietly told his son to stay put and continue to keep his mother company before he gestured for Wu Qiang to follow him to the study.

Calmly sitting down behind his desk, Feng Bing Wen gently rocked his daughter before giving Wu Qiang a sharp look.


"This subordinate has delivered your message to Commander General Feng successfully and in response, Commander General had this subordinate send this letter to you."

Hearing Wu Qiang's report and receiving the letter, Feng Bing Wen fell silent as he read it.

"You have three months to make sure that everything will be taken care of...

After three months, you must depart from the capital and come back to the front lines...

You mustn't give anyone a chance to place blame on you so make sure that the reason you are staying is plausible, otherwise you should return immediately...

I have already arranged for someone to come and look after our family so make haste and come back..."

After sending a message to his father; Feng Guo Liang, the response in the letter he got in reply was something that he had already expected yet dreaded at the same time.

Three months.

That was all the time that Feng Guo Liang allowed him to make his preparations but to Feng Bing Wen, this just wasn't enough!

If his wife; Wan Ting was conscious then he would be rest assured to leave things in her capable hands but she wasn't!

Currently, the Feng family was at its most vulnerable!

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Feng Bing Wen crumpled the letter in his hand then threw it into the charcoal brazier in the room and watched it burn with a dark expression on his face.

The crumpled piece of parchment immediately caught on fire and the faint crackling noises were the only sounds that could be heard in the otherwise silent room as it slowly turned to ashes.

Feng Bing Wen had only stared at the burning paper absent-mindedly as he furrowed his brows and grit his teeth at the thought of what he must do.

The reply he received was very fast and extremely discreet. His subordinate; Wu Qiang had left the night before to send a message to the front lines where his father; Feng Guo Liang was still leading the Chidi Kingdom's army against the enemy troops of the Cangdi Kingdom.

Feng Bing Wen was also supposed to be there alongside his father, fighting since he was the deputy general of the army but when they received information about a possible attack on their family from their intelligence network, Feng Guo Liang immediately sent him back to the capital in secret and accompanied only by a small group.

Barely a had passed and Wu Qiang had already returned back to relay his father's response and despite his frustration, it was still the best that he could have hoped for and was completely within his expectations.

Feng Guo Liang had strict instructions that no one must find out that they were heading back and that people should only find out once the matter was settled and with the arrival of the letter, Feng Bing Wen has another thing that he has to think about.

A plausible reason for his return.

He couldn't use the excuse that his wife was giving birth, that wasn't a good enough excuse for the emperor.

This leaves him with very limited options.

Grimacing, Feng Bing Wen turned around and looked at Wu Qiang who had quietly stood on one side of the room while Feng Bing Wen read the letter.

"Wu Qiang... " Feng Bing Wen called out.

"Yes General?"

"Did my father say anything else before you left?"

"Commander General ordered me to make sure to remind you to act prudently and make sure that the emperor is not displeased."

Sighing, Feng Bing Wen could only shake his head and tiredly reply, "As to be expected..."

Seeing Feng Bing Wen looking so troubled, Wu Qiang couldn't help but sympathize with him.

Even with his own strength, he is undergoing such tragedy when all their family is doing is fighting for their kingdom.

Both him and his father, Feng Guo Liang used their strength to become pillars of support for tee kingdom and while they are out there risking their lives, snakes try to attack them from behind.

As both of them fell silent, Wu Qiang suddenly thought of something that may be able to help.

"General, from what this subordinate has understood, you are worrying about what to tell the emperor as to why you suddenly came back from the front lines, is that right?"


"Why not just tell the truth that we received word from one of our intelligence networks that there might be an attack on the capital?"

A glint flashed in Feng Bing Wen's eyes the moment he realized what Wu Qiang was implying and a dangerous smile slowly appeared on his handsome face.

"You are absolutely right. This General would be going to the palace in a while. As for you, stay and take a good rest."

Without saying anything further, Feng Bing Wen swept out the room leaving Wu Qiang behind as he hurried back to his wife's courtyard.

"Qing Yuan!"

"Here, General."

"Look after Li Zian and Little Ai. If something happens, go and find Wu Qiang." Feng Bing Wen ordered as he passed the little bundle in his arms to Qing Yuan's gently after he gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead as Qing Yuan nodded in understanding.

On the other hand, Feng Li Zian shuffled closer to his father before tugging on his sleeve, drawing his attention.

"Father, are you leaving?"

"Zian, my son, don't worry. Father is just going to see the emperor so stay here and be good. Listen to Qing Yuan, okay?"

"Okay... "

Ruffling his hair, Feng Bing Wen gave his son a tight hug before straightening up and with a meaningful look towards Qing Yuan who immediately nodded, he then left the room as Qing Yuan held onto little Feng Li Zian.

"Young Master, why don't you come accompany and play with the little miss? She's awake right now..."

"Really? Okay, I'll play with Little Ai then... "

Meanwhile, Feng Bing Wen who just left the estate was already making his way to the palace, along with two trusted guards who wore a similar expression that matched the seriousness on his face.

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