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Jin was a young man who had just graduated from university. He felt lost in this so-called "adult" world like any other normal graduate. Did he already have to find a job? Is this the moment when life finally turns at you while showing a wretched smile?! Will his "definitely-not" strict parents pressure him into finding a girlfriend, even though he hasn't experienced the touch of a woman since time immemorial?! "Bro..." Yet, on an ostensibly ordinary night, while answering a random but totally-not suspicious survey, he suddenly found himself in a completely different world. And to his surprise... [Bootlicker69: wtf man?!?!?!?!] [a_racist: they told me this was a racing game?!] [Tod: I want to die.] [guywithoutamoustache: I HAVE A MOUSTACHE!] ... .. . "This...-" Ding! Congratulations Host, you have been granted the 1000 Times Amplification System! Good luck in your endeavors, and may you strive as a Lord! "- is damn awesome!"

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Post Nut Clarity Hits Local Man Hard, Becomes A Wise Sage Afterwards (R18)

Disclaimer: Ladies and Gens-

I folded.


─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────


Feeling his slow but deep measured strokes within her moist depths, her body continued shaking in pleasure, still reeling from the aftershock of their orgasms.


Without responding, she gazed dreamily into his grey eyes, then gently cupped his face and planted a tender kiss.


Hooking his arms around her body, he tightly hugged her, passionately reciprocating as well, as their tongues entangled with one another.

Meanwhile, her menacing draconic horns gradually shrank and disappeared completely.

Thus, as they gently parted, Jin noticed that the crimson hue in her eyes had vanished, replaced by their usual lime green color.

Noticing his gaze, she softly giggled, her hands caressing his face as a slight, almost imperceptible smirk crossed her lips.

"Ah~♡- So much cum... are you trying to impregnate me?"

Still heavily breathing due to her earth-shattering orgasm, Nero teasingly wiggled her ass in place, stirring and stimulating every inch of his cock which was still lodged deep inside of her.

Letting out a slight groan, he tilted his head back before burying his face in her neck, trailing it with continuous kisses that would without a doubt leave a hickey the following day.


Her arousal, which was on the verge of decline, suddenly shot through the roof, as she let herself get handled in his grasp. Then, slowly raising her hips up, Nero dragged her velvety walls along his juice-slickened rod.

"So good..."

It was simply unbelievable.

To think she'd finally have him deep inside of her after months of heightened sexual tension and courtship...

"Hah, so damn tight..."

Feeling every part of his cock tightly encased and stimulated within her cunt, which sent pleasurable shivers down his spine, he let go of her neck and put his hands back on her waist.

The surroundings soon became filled with nothing but guttural groans and moans of bliss, as Nero finally rose high enough, leaving only the tip inside of her before she slammed back down.


She bit her lip, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull as she finally succumbed to her desires and lust.

Looking into his hazy eyes, she pressed her lips against his once more. Consequently, without hesitation, she started to find a rhythm and soon found herself dancing on top of his dick.

*PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* 

Numerous shockwaves rippled across her ass, as she twerked and bounced like a wanton woman in heat, tongue lolling out of her mouth with a crazed but lust-filled expression...

Not faring any better, Jin was experiencing a sensory overload of pleasure.

The lewd squelching sounds of her pussy, which was still filled up to the brim with his cum, gripped him like a vice, her wet folds continuously clinging onto his rod as she rode him in a frenzy. 

And... taking in the view of her bountiful breasts swinging around like an unpredictable pendulum, he suddenly tightened his grasp on her waist, holding her in place, before thrusting upwards like a jackhammer.

"Fuck, yes~ HARDER!"

Feeling this unprecedented and indescribable amount of pleasure, resulting in her eyes rolling back into her skull once again, Nero grabbed his head and shoved it between her breasts in a desperate manner. 

"Argh, shit!"

Having never felt such stimulation before, he continued thrusting upwards as well as slamming her back down on his cock.

*PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* 

Large amounts of pussy juice flew in every possible direction, as their flesh-on-flesh collision intensified every passing minute before-

"Inside... please, CUM inside me~!"

Feeling her escalating downward thrusts and incoming orgasm, he decidedly turned around and smashed her into the ground.


Ignoring the cracks forming underneath them, he continued pounding into her creamy hole.


Nero threw her knees way back, spreading herself wide open for her lover to ride in. She then clutched onto his muscular back while her nails dug deep into his skin, prompting and urging him to go deeper inside her gripping vaginal flesh.

"Urgh, fuck!"

Growling like a beast, he thrust non-stop, as the urge to bust a nut was about to overcome him.

*PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* *PAH* 

He could feel his cockhead turn slightly upward as it struck the spongy head of her cervix.


With her legs suddenly wrapping snuggly around him, her toes curled up as the heel of her bare feet bounced against his lower back.


Fueled by her squeals of passion, Jin drove his cunt-smothered rod harder and deeper than before, his entire lower body working as a single unit to bring both of them to the absolute peak of pleasure.

Soon, Nero let out a piercing orgasmic scream. Her quivering walls screwed up tighter around the thick unyielding hard-on, swallowing his cock in a hot creamy mess.

And hearing him growl in animalistic passion, she finally felt the first hot stream of cum splashing and coating her tight pussy walls.

"OH, GOD~!"

Crying out in bliss, she cradled his body between her thighs, feeling him splatter ropes upon ropes of his cum inside her convulsing cunt as it rippled up and down the length of his shaft.


Finally... as he finished busting his load inside of her, Jin felt her inside muscle relax its grasp on his cock, allowing him to prop himself up and gaze down at Nero... who lovingly gave him an exhausted but gentle smile.

"Hah... Nero-?"

Feeling a gentle pull, he found himself lying between her breasts.


The gentle rhythmic beating of her heart, despite their strenuous 'workout,' put him at ease, as he relaxed within her embrace.

Nero ran her fingers through his hair before closing her eyes.

"Rest well... my goofball ♡."










Eyes snapping wide open as if he had watched a horror movie, he felt Nero lying in his embrace.

"Umu... Umu... Umu..."

Blankly looking at her naked form, as well as... his seed flowing down between her thighs, Jin-


{DING! The 1000 Times Amplification System is back on the menu!

(o/////o " )}


Gently removing Nero from his body, he stood up, walking along the wet patch of grass as his eyes wisely gazed into the setting sun.

Out of nowhere, his face turned shady, like it had its spotlight, showcasing every tiny detail as if he was performing for a close-up.

Sitting down on a rock, he assumed the famous thinker pose, looking like he was auditioning for the role of an imaginary ponderer contemplating the wonders of the female auto-

"I hereby say,

Great storytelling requires no words,

To bamboozle your foes, first bamboozle yourself,

A browser history with no traces? That's a soul laid bare,

Ah, mitochondria, the party central of our cells,

A hole in your hand beats a hand in your hole, trust me on that one,

It is only when a mosquito lands on your testicle that you learn that violence is not always the answer,

A foolish man complains about a torn pocket, a wise man turns torn pockets into an itch relief system,

If you do not let shit bother you, you must not worry about the change of your underwear,

I declare... I've unraveled mysteries that'd boggle mere mortals and stumbled upon enlightenment's doorstep."

{Host... that's-}


As if on cue, a breeze blew past his surroundings.

With rays of sunshine lighting up his visage, coupled with his hair blowing amidst the wind, he sagely nodded to himself.

{Host! (⸝⸝⸝>﹏<⸝⸝⸝)< strong>

Your thing is swinging!}

"That is all according to plan."

{(,,๑ // ๑,,)}




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