Living as a cat in the World of Naruto Book

Living as a cat in the World of Naruto


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Well.. long story short, I met a ROB who gave me wishes. The MC is a girl who gender-bend but it doesn't matter that much, I just made it like that so it can be an excuse if I somehow did something that was out of male character. ( I'm telling you in advance that there will be some difference from the original story like the background and size of Naruto's Apartment, its been a long time already since I last watched Naruto. I already forgot the details and I really didn't finish it till the end. I don't have the habit of rewatching since I won't feel excited anymore so don't complain about the different storylines and plots that might happen, I'll change some things based to my liking) English is my second language so expect some grammatical errors and cringe moments.