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A new streamer steps on the scene, but something is off about them. Where are they exactly? "Hey! Welcome to the stream! Your emperor appreciates the attention. Guess where I am?" AzurePrincess has donated - $3000 "Woah, that's a huge donation. Are you sure you were trying to give me that much?" AzurePrincess- This is just pocket money. I could give you more. RichGirl21 - has donated - $5000 RichGirl21 - You don't need to give him money. l can support my husband all on my own. DiamondQ - has donated - $10,000 DiamondQ - You might need to get your eyes checked. Whose husband are you supporting? "Oh boy..." First World - Marvel Warning: MC's world is loosely based on the real world, but there will be changes because it is my story! Updates: Irregular/ 5 per week/ May have less or more depending on work. Disclaimer - Images used aren't mine. They are just used for representation. I will remove it if need be.

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On a crisp afternoon, a young man started to wake up from what was assumed to be a nap. He would yawn and stretch until he felt a comfortable crack, officially waking himself up.

The young man felt good, so to say, but that all changed within a heartbeat as he heard a familiar noise.

*Beep Beep Beep*

It was his phone alarm and the only reason it would go off as if it was time...for work.

"Oh my god...please tell me I didn't." The young man scrambled for his phone, falling out of his chair in the process. Once he located his phone, he picked it up and looked at the time.


"IT'S BEEN 5 DAYS?!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Please don't be so loud."

Before he could even begin to think about the repercussions, he heard something he didn't know was possible.

It was a voice, and it was coming from his bed.

"What..." He slowly turned his head toward the source, and immediately his eyes grew wide.

"I said to keep it down."

The voice...












The voice belonged to a woman.


This is how Emil's day started.


Emil wasn't sure how it happened, but midway through his freakout, he was made to sit down on the floor like a disobedient child.

'This wasn't how it was supposed to go... How did this even happen?' He frowned in thought as he took another glance at the woman before him.


'Oh yeah...that's why.'

Emil is what one would call a pure child.

He's had friends that were girls, but he's never been romantically involved with one.


It was all due to his somewhat shy nature and inability to pick up on hints that were painfully clear when he thought about it now. Emil was not ugly. In fact, he was well above average with his silky blond hair and lustrous blue eyes that could leave a woman stunned.

Emil had all the features a playboy would want to have, and instead of using them, he was more like a high-level character who didn't use their most essential skills.

Although after graduating high school, he let himself go, and no one would believe that the current him and his past self were the same people.

His parents were worried for him, but they could do nothing as he was an adult.

Regardless of the circumstances, the woman before him was like a goddess or a demoness. Either would describe her with her flawless dark skin and voluptuous body that felt almost sinful to look at. Her hair was unique, cascading down her figure like a serene river with black and platinum blonde on opposite sides.


Her eyes were even more distinctive, glowing with a blueish-green light that seemed to grow brighter as she smiled.

After a moment of silence, the woman gracefully rose from his bed and stood before him, uncaring of what little she could hide from his curious eyes. She was tall, standing at an impressive 6ft which was abnormal for a woman, but anyone that would have a complaint would have been a fool to say so.

"Hmmm, I can't believe this is what I'm left to deal with after all this time. Oh well, you are kind of cute, though~." The woman cheekily said with her sultry voice.

"Me?" Emil has seen himself in the mirror, knowing he was but a shadow of himself. So it was a surprise to hear it from someone of her caliber.

"Hehe.." The woman chuckled, showing off her beautiful white teeth as her bountiful chest jiggled.

"I think I'm going to like working with you."


After getting the pleasantries out of the way, the woman introduced herself as Mona, the physical representation of the system that has bonded with his soul.

It was a lot to take in, but Emil could only take it as fact after everything that happened. He asked why the system picked him, but she shrugged it off with a mysterious smile.

"I've peeked into your memories, and I know you are something of a gamer. So, I'll make this a bit easier for you." Mona waved her hand, and a golden screen appeared in front of his eyes.


Name: Emil C. Valentine

Level: 1

Class: Celestial Streamer

Strength: 9

Vitality: 8

Agility: 6

Intelligence: 14

Spirit: 30

Skills: None


Honestly, Emil was excited to have a system, but that excitement immediately dropped into the abyss as he looked at his class.

"Celestial Streamer...?" Emil frowned. He's seen hundreds of unique classes through video games, but this was something entirely different.

"Ah~ Wonderful choice. I say that because you wouldn't have gotten me without it." She smirked. "However, I would like to offer my condolences as you have chosen one of the most difficult classes. So sad," She added with an obviously fake pout.

"I knew my luck would come to bite my ass one day." He sighed, slumping his shoulders. "However...the more difficult it is, the more rewarding it is when I finally learn the ins and outs."

Emil may not have a lot of things, but one thing he did have was the pride of a gamer not to be confused with a particular alien ape. He was notorious for always picking the most difficult characters to play with because he enjoyed the challenge.

If his strange nature was applied to real life, he might have made something of himself, but life has a funny way of giving things to people who clearly don't cherish them.

"Hm...that's the spirit. Here let me explain a few things about your class. The name is quite explanatory. You are a streamer whose audience can stretch even beyond the stars. What you lack in strength is replaced with the ability to interact with life energy or Qi in simple terms."

"You mean like a cultivator?"

"Exactly like a cultivator," Mona nodded. "But unfortunately, you can not gather energy on your own. You must have people offer it to you."

"W-wait. I have to get fans?!" Although it was already explained quite clearly, Emil couldn't even fathom what was being asked of him.

"Goodluck!~" She grinned as she disappeared with a flash of light.

"Wha-Hey?!" Emil was dumbfounded. How could she leave when she hadn't explained everything yet?

Was he going to have to learn on his own?

("Don't worry silly, I told you I'm bound to your soul, remember? So dramatic.")

Seconds later, however, he heard a familiar voice, but it was instead in his head, speaking directly to his mind.

("I can only show myself for a limited time because of how weak you are.")


Being strong wasn't something Emil cared about, but somehow hearing Mona say it felt like a sword was being stabbed into his heart.

The point was it didn't feel great.

("Struck a nerve, didn't I?)


(Hehe~ Well, enough of that. I'll leave you alone with this.)

Seemingly out of nowhere, a golden ring with a strange symbol appeared on his right middle finger.

"What is this? is this a storage ring?" Emil asked, marveling at the exquisite design of the ring.

("It is a storage ring, but also much more. Think of it as a conduit for interacting with Qi. It also has a few nifty features that I'm sure will be useful")


(Mysterious Golden Ring - (Can't Be Dropped) (Upgradeable)

Rank: ???

Info: A blessed ring forged with the most precious of gold and in the hottest of fires. The ring can not be broken, nor can it be stolen after being worn.

Item Space: 0/300


Eye Of Theia- A skill empowered by the goddess of sight allows one to see objects' truth. Increases vision by 20%

Qi Control - Increases Qi affinity by 50%

Qi Barrier - Creates a barrier of Qi that will defend for a short amount of time. 200% increase in defense for 3 minutes.


Immediately after reading the information, Emil started to feel a familiar warmth circulate through his body. At first, it felt strange, but then he began to remember something that almost felt foreign to him.

There was a faint memory of being in space, but each time he tried to focus on it, it escaped him like a tricky rabbit.

'I can't remember...but this..this is what Qi feels like...' His eyes started to glow with a faint light. 'It feels refreshing...'

"So...I just need to get fans to have more Qi, is that correct?" After circulating the familiar energy through his body, Emil could feel a certain confidence that started to boil within him.

It was always there, but somehow now it was being pulled to the forefront of his mind.


Soon after answering him, another golden screen appeared before his eyes.


{Celestial Streamer Beginnings I}

1. Create an online persona

2. Stream for at least 1hr

3. Gain 30 followers

Reward - Lottery Box x 10


"Haha! Yes!" Emil grinned. Seeing the quest pop up filled him with so much excitement that he practically levitated off the ground. A collective dream that most gamers have is to gain a system, and now he is living that dream.

His life now would turn out for the better, and nothing would get in his way!

*Ring Ring*

His phone started ringing with a ringtone that he had set for one person and one person.


Emil had forgotten about his job.



"It's not funny!" Emil growled.

If it wasn't obvious already, he was fired from his job at the convenience store. It wasn't the best of places, but the job was flexible, and it allowed him to pay his bills.

Unfortunately, being a no-call no-show for five consecutive days was something they couldn't forgive. He didn't bother to argue with them because there was no way he could come up with an excuse.

What was he going to tell them?

His job was quite literally across the street from his apartment complex.

Emil also needed to make a few calls and texts to let everyone know he was fine.

All in all, it was an exhausting hour.

"But what am I going to do...I'm already poor, and there's no way that I'll ask my parents for money." Emil groaned as he lay on the floor.

("If you are that desperate for money, then I assure you that there will be no shortage of it in the future.")

"How can you be so sure?" He frowned.

("It would be wise not to doubt me, or I might just spank you~")

Emil shivered at the thought. Somehow he believed that she might do it.

("However, I will answer you. You just need to complete that first quest~")

"Alright, keep your secrets." He sighed as he got up to walk to his computer. Never in his life would he have thought he would become a streamer.

Anyone could become one with the right equipment, but the problem that most people have is that they need an audience. This wouldn't be a huge problem if not for the fact there are already hundreds of popular streamers that they could watch.

It was like fighting a losing a battle that had already ended years ago.

In other words, it was impossible.

("Don't be so sad. I know they are going to like you.")

"How can you be so sure."

("What did I say about doubting me?")


("Now, where did all that confidence go? Don't tell me that was all a false bravado. Such a shame.")

∆Guardian Dog∆ - Boss?

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Is he actually there?

∆LunaSea∆ - It showed he was active, so he had to be there.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Was it something I did? I swear I'll never be mean to anyone ever again!

∆HaruHaru∆ - Somehow, I don't believe that.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Get off my back, bi****.

∆HaruHaru∆ - See.

Seeing the familiar names flash across the screen made Emile smile.

Although he never met these people in real life, they have been there for him no matter what, even sending birthday presents to him each year.

They were the reason he even had a decent enough computer to play the current-gen games.

If those weren't real friends, then he didn't know what was...

A new sense of purpose burned within him, filling him with confidence once more.

He wanted to continue playing games with these guys, having so much fun until there was no more fun to be had, and even then, he still wanted to continue.

It was pretty absurd, but perhaps with this system, he could accomplish it.

"And then...I'll make sure to apologize to everyone. I'm sorry for dragging my feet." Emil muttered as he started to type in the social app they used to talk to each other.

∆Loveless∆ - LOOK, HE'S TYPING!

∆CrazyZeus∆ - HE'S ALIVE!!!

∆HaruHaru∆ - Thank god, I don't think I could stand these two being sad for much longer.

∆GuardianDog∆ - What do you mean by that?

∆HaruHaru∆ - ??

∆HaruHaru∆ - Are you doing a stupid meme again?

∆GuardianDog∆ - Huh?

∆HaruHaru∆ - I swear...I don't know why I'm still here.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - You love us.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Either that or she's one of "those" people. It's ok. We don't judge kinks here.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Woah, I never would have thought of that. I support you, Haru.

∆HaruHaru∆ - I HATE YOU GUYS!!

∆StarEmperor∆ - Never change you guys.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - That has quite literally never crossed my mind.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Wait...weren't you quite literally promising you'll never be mean again.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - I don't know what you are talking about.


∆Loveless∆ - It's ok. I got screenshots.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - NOOOO!!

∆EzoBladeK∆ - YESSS!!!

∆LunaSea∆ - Welcome back, leader. You know you missed a lot over the past several days. What were you doing?

∆StarEmperor∆ - I'm becoming a streamer.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Say sike right now.