49 Understanding the Law of Death

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The sun gradually set, and dusk arrived.

Outside New York, the village, the fields, and the setting sun were all so calm. Compared to the crowded and noisy high-rise buildings in the city, it was as if they had entered another world.

A group of children was playing and chasing each other on the north side of Xiwen village.



Everyone threw the Chinese firecrackers that they had gotten from god-knows-where onto the ground. Even though it wasn't very powerful, it made quite a lot of noise.

"Hey, do you have any more? Let me play a few."

"I don't have much. I'll give you five."

"Okay. I'll give you a bag of candy tomorrow!"

"Hurry up, you two. Let's go to the abandoned field to play police and bandit games!"

"Coming, coming..."



In the field, the sounds of cracking, laughter, and fighting mixed together.


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