6 Arrive at the Main Entrance

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Inside the building, meanwhile, Bowen was struggling to climb to the corridor.

He was looking at the corridor in front of him and pondering on his options. With his current physical condition and the fact that he only had thirty seconds left, he figured that if he climbed to the first floor as he normally would, it would definitely be too late.

"The end has already been decided. He still has 30 seconds left. Climbing to the first floor definitely won't be enough. Let's see if the police will arrive before he actually dies."

"He has only 30 seconds left before he loses his mobility. However, he still has more than 5 minutes and 30 seconds before he dies. The police might arrive soon."

"Latest news, everyone. I live nearby. I just saw the police car go by. It's driving very fast. I think it'll be there in about four to five minutes."

"Is there any brave warrior out there who can drive there and just block the road?"


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