live as a swordsman in a fairy tale world

I used to be an ordinary office man with the average intelligence of an ordinary office man until I finally realized I was reincarnated in a snow white world at least that's what I thought until I finally saw a little red hooded child being chased by a wolf, a queen who can shoot ice, and even Ariel's red hair mermaid. Damn I even got love circle of princesses and queens ps: if there is a language error then forgive me because english is not my first and second language but i will try to keep practicing my english

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3.Magical Beast

Gazing at the royal knight in front of him, david began to hold the sword on his right waist casually he sideways and then launched a direct slash to the neck of the man in front of him.

Without delaying any time, David instantly killed the knight (trash) in front of him then he with disdain in his eyes stared at the headless corpse in front of him

"A traitor like him, doesn't deserve to be called a knight. Cough... are you okay princess?" After staring at the corpse lying in front of him, David then turned his gaze towards Snow White and he gently stretched out his hand

"yes I'm fine thanks for the help, I owe you a lot emm master swordsman" gratefully Snow White thanked the helper

"Hahaha, you really never change, Snow White"

"Yeah, just like you too, Edward" Snow White who heard Edward's words started to chuckle while covering her mouth

after a small chat and a warm reunion between the guard and princess they both started to stare at each other then david took his steps to approach snow white

"Princess...I will definitely defeat that ugly old witch. This is my promise as your swordsman and guard" slightly changed his expression, David started to gently hold Snow White's head

"un i believe in you, david" couldn't help but to hide her sadness, snow white started to hug david tightly as if she was afraid of losing the man in front of her

"Okay then, we'll find a place to rest for a while, okay?" without waiting for the princess's reply, david slowly and carefully began to hold snow white's soft hand to guide her to find a safe place.

Deep in the forest, one could see the predator's gaze staring at the swordsman and princess from a distance with saliva dripping from his mouth, sharp fangs, sharp claws, and silver fur full of killing intent. As a swordsman, David was very sensitive to his surroundings and even though it felt faint but he could at a glance feel the killing intent being targeted towards him and Snow White.

"Princess please stay near me!" he slowly started to hug snow white then put her back

"there!" then david started to launch an attack towards the bushes in front of him then the silver wolf started to appear attacking using its sharp claw

looking at the wolf and directly feeling the strength of the silver haired wolf in front of him, david started to show his seriousness as if he was afraid to show his recklessness to the wolf

"That...that a magical beast, David you..you have to be careful against it" with full of anxiety, Snow White started reminding David to always be careful against the silver wolf

turned to snow white who was still worried about him, david started to feel warm in his heart then he nodded and prepared to attack the silver wolf in front of him

"Of course I will continue to live, if I die how can I keep my promise" said David with full of confidence that made Snow White start to relieve her worries a little

"That's right, David will definitely continue to live and will always be with me forever" thought Snow White convincing herself

seeing the direction of his claws attack starting towards his neck, david started to dodge to the left using his acceleration skill then he attacked the wolf's back but the attack didn't hit the silver wolf too deep

"tch, damn the skin is too hard" annoyed david started cursing at the silver wolf.

Although slightly annoyed david started to calm himself down, then he prepared to use his breathing skill with full focus he prepared to use [acceleration] and in an instant he was behind the silver wolf

"Prepare you to meet your death!" in full focus and composure, he can feel his strength increase by 12% under the effect of his breathing skill

"now" then david started attacking the neck of the silver wolf in front of him with all his might

in this attack he began to feel that his attack could penetrate the wolf's hard skin and finally under david's slash the silver wolf's neck was cut off leaving its headless body spitting out fresh blood.

At the same time, at that moment, David could hear the sound of the system echoing continuously in his brain

[congratulations to player edward for getting the skill »Fury Slash« an attack that increases the sharpness of slashes from under fury's influence]

[Congratulations you managed to kill a class D silver wolf and get magic claws and magic fangs. explanation: a class D material that can be used to make magic weapons]

[congratulations your level increased by +5. your current level is 15 and BP: 24,000]

Before he could rejoice at his improvement, David suddenly felt someone hug him from behind and it was Snow White himself who was happy for David's victory against the magical beasts.

"I'm glad you're okay" Snow White said hugging David

feeling something soft against his back, david started to get nervous and didn't know how to deal with it

"her chest... her chest stuck to my back" thought david

"uh damn erase your dirty thoughts don't you dare pollute the innocent snow white with your dirty thoughts damn it" thought david until snow white started to let go of his arms making david feel a little lost

"Well then...then let's continue our journey" after feeling calm David and Snow White started to continue their journey. On their way there will be many new things waiting for them to face

-To Be Continued