1 Never mess with cassandra

"Welcome to the University of Sto Tomas Ms. Ferrer! guidance councilor greet me excitingly. As usual im late no students in the ground place they are in their classrooms. Anyways im a transferee it's okay to be late. That's how it works.

"Thanks po, can i recieve now my schedule mam?" i ask to the guidance councilor and smile widely, My smile, it never fails to fool anyone.

"Yes you can, here. you can go now to your first class. If you have any problem don't hesitate to tell me okay? "

I was going to walk suddenly i see a girl that keep staring and widely smiling to me.

She looks younger than me especially with those pigtails and hairclips.

"Hello sissy!" she shouted when she's finally in the front of me.

"Hi?" i said awkwardly. We keep staring at each others face. Her smile on her face never fades but she never say what she needs to me.

"Uhm,, i will going now" i continue to walk when she shouted again to me"Wait!" seriously?! what is up with this kid?!!

"What?!!" i lost my temper and i shouted also to her.

"I'm sorry! i'm freaky" she said in teary eyed and run away.

What's up with her? arghh

As i continue walking, i saw a man walking across me his hair is messy and i didn't see his face coz he's wearing a cap. We are walking in different sides but i can't help to notice him. His brown hair is so messy and his t shirt is unbutton on top, the inner white t shirt in his polo have a blood,,,

wait what? why did his shirt have a blood? i'm just new here is there a blooded seen in here? But i haven't even worked my magic yet.

"Don't judge her, she's like that since before" he said emotionless. And i just pretend like i didn't notice him and continue to walk. Well he has nothing to worry about, he's just nothing. But i guess he is pertaning to the girl after all i don't judge people, i murder them.


"Tell us about yourself Miss Ferrer" teacher said when she tell me to stand in front. What the hell!, is this even necessary?!

"Ms Ferrer?" said ms whateverherlastname,

that's why i smile like i was used before. I look at my classmates and they look interested at me.

No words can describe how furious i am right now. I hate being center of attention. I'll have trouble in this city if everyone know who the fuck i am. Their eyes they are all looking at me, and it's annoying. I just want to scoop their eyes now and add them to my collection.

"I'm Cassandra Ferrer, that's all Thankyou" And just like that i casually sit in my chair.

The teacher started yapping about the course subject and i couldn't care more but then again, I can't afford to blow my cover, after all reputation is everything when you're a murderer and you don't want to get caught.


It's 10:30 in the evening at convenience store, yes i work here. Im new in this place that's why i need a job.

"Hmm who would be my first victim in this little city? "..... I smiled bitterly while scrolling the facebooks accounts of my classmates.

The chime sounds that's why i look in the door, there was a man walking near in the counter.

"Goodevening sir! Free coffee po as part of our upcoming anniversay". he recieved it with no hesitately.

I supposed to ask him what he'll buy, but i feel a pointing knife in my side. He's making move silently because he know that there's a lot of cctv here.

"Give me the money or i will pull this knife to yours"


End of chapter 1

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