1 Context

Lir Days was a pulpit demon, those garlics were rotten flesh and those wounds were rotting all over his extremely skinny body with dirty and broken clothes ... it's chain tied all over him, that dirty, messy long hair looked like he wasn't. not match her skinny, shaky appearance

Lir Days was in a very small group and not very powerful while he was powerful than the other monsters in his group yet he feels more out of place here ate other monsters rather than laughing and living normally with the rich with medicines to treat rots, wounds and bites

Killed and eaten each other was the only thing they could do in this hell ... for the rest of the time they all prayed to leave this hell and go to a little cooler hell

Here nothing matters except corpses and group power levels! corpse, corpse, corpse .... I would like to flee this hell!

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