Lioness Cub

While fetching water by the river, Mareoleona's ears perked up as she heard the cries of a nearby baby, catching her attention instantly. Driven by instinct, Mareoleona immediately pursued the source of the baby's cries and discovered an infant nestled in a basket, snugly wrapped in a blanket. "Eh? So you're abandoned, huh?" Mareoleona, filled with concern, decided to investigate further. She carefully examined the basket and noticed a handkerchief with the name "Asher" embroidered on it, catching her attention. "Asher... Interesting. Well, taking care of a brat is not bad, right?"

SALTANDPEPPER_1 · Anime & Comics
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31 Chs

Best Girl

I'm struggling to make a decision, everyone. I find myself drawn to Fana as the ideal match for the main character due to her fire magic and various other qualities that make them seem compatible, She's also beautiful. Additionally, if Fana is meant to be the destined love interest for the main character, I personally would prefer the elf version of Fana to completely take control of the body. This concept strikes me as distinctive, and as far as I can recall, I haven't come across any fanfiction where the lover is depicted as the elf Fana. She looks badass during the Witch Forest arc. For Mars... Can I be a villain just this time? Can I kill him if Fana is the chosen one? Or make him view Fana as a little sister. It will make the story more unique.

On the flip side, Secre, or Nero, is another strong contender for the MC's affection. She possesses intelligence, cuteness, and beauty all at once. Furthermore, her quiet nature aligns well with the MC's personality. However, as everyone has mentioned, her role is meant to be by Asta's side. Additionally, she harbors a deep and passionate love for her prince, Lemiel.