7 Chapter 7: Baron Lawrence Arrives on the Set

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What a nightmare of a night!

She dreamt that Baron Lawrence came to her doorstep, then dreamt he was fighting with her for Bobby, and yet again dreamt he was leading Bobby and they both told her in unison that her chest was too small; once her chest grew bigger, she could come to find them.

Though she knew it was a dream, she remained restless and couldn't wake up.


The following day, a ray of sunshine came through the window and landed on the wooden floor.

Enna Clark rubbed her aching head as she sat up. Her phone on the nightstand vibrated energetically, and she turned off the alarm.

As she threw off the covers and stretched, she felt like her entire body had been run over by a car, aching all over.


Enna winced in pain, taking her time to move to the mirror.10 She was shocked to find her neck and collarbone covered in purple-red love bites.

Baron Lawrence...

She pursed her lips and looked away, deciding to take a shower. She found foundation from her bag, covered the love bites, and quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face before leaving.


"Love for Three Lifetimes" was currently the hottest drama and IP, with investors being the entertainment industry giant Epoch Group. It also gathered the most popular idols and actresses of the moment.

The male lead was the King of Acting.

The female lead was the most popular actress.

Enna Clark was in this destined hit drama as a Soy Sauce thanks to Olivia Lewis's connections.

Just as she arrived on set, she heard a few actresses chatting.

"Why hasn't Enna come yet?"

"Heh, she must be exhausted from last night."

"She's so freaky, actually posting a video of her giving a man a hand job online. She wants to become famous that badly."

"The video didn't show the faces of the man and woman. Maybe it's not Enna?"

The person who initially spoke sneered. "So many people went to a bar last night and said she lost and ran off to make a video with a man. The video came out at night. The time and location match, if it's not her, who else could it be?"

Linda scoffed, "You shouldn't judge a person by appearances. There's all sorts of people in this circle. Our Third Female Lead here in this show didn't she get in through connections with the Director? The Director is over forty, old and ugly, but she still sleeps with him. And Enna, she got in here through a relationship with the Assistant Director, I bet he's doing something with her...you know."

"That can't be, right?"

"Yes, Linda, where did you hear that? You can eat messily, but you can't speak carelessly."

Enna stood at the makeup room entrance, clenching her teeth and resisting the urge to barge in and explain.

Rumors are like dogs; the more you reason with them, the fiercer they get. If she went in to explain now, who knows if it would make things even worse.

Enna stood at the doorway, waiting for them to finish talking before going in.

Suddenly, a sweet voice came from behind her.

"Young Master Baron, what's wrong?"

Young Master Baron?

Enna's mind conjured up a handsome yet ruthless face!

Baron Lawrence? Is she that unlucky?

She reflexively turned her head and saw him - only having not seen him for a few years, the man had become even more mature and stern. The custom-made black suit radiated an imposing aura.11He was still cold to the bone, his deep-set facial features showed no hint of a smile, his thin lips tightly pressed into a straight, expressionless line.

It's him!

Why is he here?

Is he here because of her?

Enna felt her heart tightening!

Amelia Young glanced at Enna, who went from shocked to trying her best to calm herself down, and then at the man who couldn't take his eyes off Enna. She discreetly wrapped her arm around his and asked with a smile, "Young Master Baron, do you know Enna?"

Enna knew Amelia, another actress who was parachuted into the show just like her.

But unlike Enna's minuscule role, Amelia had directly become the Second Female Lead. Furthermore, after reading the script, Enna realized even the Female Lead didn't have as many scenes as Amelia. It was rumored that Amelia's family had connections, but Enna didn't expect it to involve Baron Lawrence.

However, Amelia was usually arrogant and didn't interact much with them. It came as a surprise to Enna that Amelia even remembered her name.

"Enna, do you two know each other?"

Seeing that Baron Lawrence ignored her, Amelia turned to Enna and asked.

"We..." Enna couldn't help but clench her fists.

Baron Lawrence took in her small movement and said, "We know each other."

Of course, they knew each other!

Enna was the first and only woman who played him like a fiddle and after doing so, had the audacity to leave him and flirt with another man publicly, then return to seduce him!

How could he forget such a shameless woman!

Enna nervously tightened her lips, forcing a smile, "Heh, we've just met once before."

As her words trailed off, Baron Lawrence's entire body emitted a chilling air.

Amelia said "Oh," then looked up playfully at him and asked, "How come I didn't know you met Enna before?"

"She's not important enough to mention specifically." The man sneered coldly.

Amelia's eyes lit up with delight, and she relaxed. On behalf of him, she apologized to Enna with an embarrassed face, "Enna, I'm sorry. He's got a bit of a temper. He didn't mean anything by it, don't take it to heart. By the way, are you free at noon? Do you want to have lunch together?"

"No..." Of course, Enna wouldn't take it to heart. She already knew how bad his temperament was. But before she could complete her refusal, she was interrupted.

"She isn't you, she shouldn't have any issues."

"Alright, Enna, let's have lunch together. Young Master Baron and I will wait for you at the entrance." Amelia said as she pulled Baron Lawrence's arm, "Young Master Baron, we should head over. Uncle's waiting for us."


The two walked away...

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