13 Chapter 13: Falling Down and Getting a Period All at Once!

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Enna Clark was held in the man's arms, and she had quickly calmed down from her initial shock and astonishment.

Thinking back to the looks everyone had given her just now, she felt flustered and lowered her voice, "Put me down, I can walk on my own."

"Shut up!"

Baron Lawrence quickly carried her into the Medical Office, and after placing her on the hospital bed, he glared at the doctor and said angrily, "She's had a miscarriage, take a look at her!"

When he thought of how this child had come into existence, he wished he could have killed it himself.

But seeing her bleeding, his first reaction was to leave Amelia Young and carry this woman in front of everyone!

It felt like something was suffocating Baron's chest, unable to go up or down!

Enna, who was thrown onto the hospital bed, was confused, "Miscarriage? What nonsense are you talking about?"

"I told you to shut up!"

He couldn't stand the sound of her voice right now! He yelled at the scared doctor, "Are you blind or have broken hands? I said she's had a miscarriage, quickly check her! If you delay treatment, I'll kill you!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?! I'm not pregnant; don't talk nonsense." She tried to sit up but felt a sharp pain in her ankle.

Damn, she must have really twisted her ankle.

The doctor looked at Enna, then at the visibly angry Baron Lawrence, and took out a syringe from the drawer to walk over. "Stop arguing, we can check if she's pregnant by taking a blood sample."

"I'm not pregnant..."

Enna felt awkward; didn't she know whether she was pregnant or not? She couldn't be a seahorse that could get pregnant on her own.

"I told you to shut up!" Baron Lawrence overturned a lamp beside him.

Enna shrank her neck and closed her mouth.

"She's pregnant, just fell down, and there's bleeding."

"Don't worry, I'll check her blood first."

The serious female doctor pulled up Enna's sleeve, took a small tube of blood sample and handed it to the assistant, then checked her pulse. In no time, the assistant returned with the blood test report.

The doctor took a look, frowned, and looked at Baron Lawrence, "The HCG index shows that she is not pregnant; the blood on her clothes might be from her menstruation."

"Not pregnant?"

Baron Lawrence's hawk-like eyes darkened.


The female doctor handed him the report, "You can see for yourself, she's not pregnant. I don't know what you used to test her before. But I can tell you that pregnancy test strips are not 100% accurate and may have a 5% deviation. She's indeed not pregnant."

Baron Lawrence glanced at the report.

The HCG index indeed showed that she was not pregnant.

Was Enna not pregnant?

Why did the test last night show that she was pregnant?

Did he mess up?

How could that be?

Baron Lawrence's temple throbbed intensely, and he completely forgot that last night's test said there was an 80% chance of pregnancy, not 100%. He held the report without saying a word, his face showed that he was not in a good mood, and no one dared to provoke him.

"Although she's not pregnant, it seems like she has injured her foot. You'd better take her to orthopedics to get it treated; otherwise, it could get worse." The female doctor spoke with a firm tone.


Enna quickly took over, "No need to trouble Young Master Baron, I'll call my friend to accompany me."

"Your friend?" Baron Lawrence looked at her.


"What friend?"


He was full of aggression, "Your boyfriend?"

Enna felt a tremble in her heart, raised her head, and looked him straight in the eye, "Yes, I'll call my boyfriend to take care of me. You can go ahead with your business, Young Master Baron."

"So, using someone and then discarding them is really your style. Hmph, you're just a greedy and hypocritical woman. You don't want me to stay here, and neither do I want to stay."

Baron Lawrence stood up and stormed out like a lit firecracker.

Enna kept quiet, watching him leave. She finally took a deep breath and slumped onto the hospital bed, exhausted. After a while, she took out her phone and called Olivia Lewis.

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