350 The Price of Death. [1/2]

They often said that connections were everything. I knew that to be true. Even in my own life, I saw the power of social connections. 

How many people got jobs or rewards they did not deserve? 

It was great if you were the one who got ahead. But for the rest of us? It was the worst. Of course, there was the negative side of connections, the ones who got even worse treatment just because they were connected to someone.

You didn't even have to be linked to a person. In fact, this whole premise was the basis of why the world turned to shit. Hate a certain race and you were racist. Hate gays or the alphabet community and you would be called a misogynist or a sexist.

There were as many divisions as there were people. Most of the time it was done with good intentions. Like if I was proud to be an American, the stupid would see it as me hating everyone else. 


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