266 No one survives. [1/2]

"This one is the only one that interests me. Can I have this?"

"I thought reapers hated guns."

"Yes, they do, because a gun cannot get blessed. But I intended to keep this as a memento not as a weapon."

"Tell you what, the day you tell the world you are Formless that thing is yours, but until then I need everything at my disposal."

"Such a cheapskate. Who knows when that would be?"

"Wait for me. I will kick so much zombie ass by the time I am done, being Formless would be like a badge of honor."

"Then I shall fervently await for that day to arrive dear."

This was the conversation I had with Lilly, the weapon she wanted was the M60. But there was a reason why she created her fake {Fate} thirst. As a princess of the Battlefront, I cannot imagine what she had to endure for her status.


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