34 I will be the one to surpass you.

A strong hand suddenly pushed my head and forced me to kiss the ground. My clothes and arms were also pulled from multiple places all preventing me from standing up.

The muscular body builder then faced towards me. He had blond hair and fair skin. His entire body looked built from stone. A simple uniform that looked like it was made from spandex protected his body. On his large back was a red cape that had the majesty of a king.

'He looks like a fucking comic book superhero!' I marveled inwardly.

The superhero then asked in jest, "So boy? Does that still look lame?"

Before I could answer Lilly hurriedly explained while keeping my head low.

"Father, please forgive him. He is ignorant of the Revenants as he has no sponsor nor handler."

"Did I address my question to you daughter? I remember telling you to speak only when spoken to did I not?"


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