47 I couldn't do it.

"Tsk, look at the mouth on her huh. So stuck up your nose is in the clouds."

"She isn't even all that pretty anyway, you got a nice rack but so what? I am guessing you ride cock for cash if even John can bang you. How much for a pop?"

Look at these fuckers, the moment Lilly denied any chance of getting intimate with them they immediately resolve themselves to demeaning her. How childish could they get?

"{Pack}, {Withstand}, {Endure}, {Hike}."

'I mean really, just how bored are these bastards to be even doing shit like this? Lilly might be annoying, but she was an innocent princess. I guess I needed to give these bastards a talking too,' I inwardly thought.


At that moment I felt my hands wet with a warm sticky fluid. Huh? What was I doing just now?



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