284 I am five. [1/2]

In today's world, IT or information technology has been incredibly good for making money. Personally, I had very little experience with it. The most advanced device I had was my laptop. But like most people, it's purpose was to watch movies or play video games.

Many of my old classmates started out in other careers, but soon switched to computer-related jobs. They kept saying that the money was good and the opportunity for growth was good compared to dead-end jobs.

Of course, that was before they all got fired because of their high rates. In today's globalized economy, who in their right mind would pay an American hundreds of dollars when you can get a pajeet or gook to do it for literally pennies.

Outsourcing became the final nail in the coffin. With the advent of offshoring, most jobs went overseas, sure it saved the bigwigs a lot of money, but at the same time it reduced the number of Americans it could have supported.


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