173 I'm sorry Aki [2/2]

Using the blade inside my body as a handle, my opponent mercilessly sliced across my back.

It was not enough to sever my spine, but it hurt a lot. Before I could offer any resistance, Aki tried to body slam me away. Unfortunately for her, she needed much more strength to push me back even a foot. 

I raised my head and tried to hit her chin, but missed. The Japanese ninja spun her sword and changed her grip to a reverse one. With the blade lined up with her elbow, Aki tried to decapitate me in one move.


Time slowed in response to my roar. With a split second before the edge of the katana sliced across my neck, I countered.

"{Withdraw} All M26s! {Rewind}!"


I disappeared into the light, returning to my save point a quarter mile from where Aki and I had last fought. As I tried to regain my bearings, a steel blade impaled me from behind. I vomited blood as all my organs began to bleed and rupture.

"Blech! What?!"


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