280 Congratulations [1/2]

[Reader Warning: The following chapter is centered on rape and its effects on Hellsgate. Please skip it if you find the topic uncomfortable.]

"Uh, Limitless? Shouldn't we stop them?" Cynthia asked with trepidation.

The moans of the women being beaten continued to ring out. Yvonne flinched noticeably as she closed her eyes. Seemingly traumatized by what was happening. 

The 2nd Amendment bit her lips as Golden Wick continued to be assaulted by the Sirens.

"This is wrong!" the LLG President replied as she stood up. But her arms were restrained by Addison and Yvonne.

"Hold your tongue, girl, before you lose your head," the dwarf warned. 

Cynthia turned to see the bloodthirsty stares of Jo and Robyn. 

"W-we were w-wrong. We deserve this," Yvonne commented tearfully. 

Jo then left my side and walked over to Cynthia. 

"Cynthia Carmine. Do you know how dogs were domesticated?"


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