163 Can you do it? [2/2]

Concentrating on the test, I pressed the magazine release on the pistol, the metal mag dropped, but suddenly disappeared. 

"Exa, what happened to the magazine?"

[This is an additional feature of {Trace}, all expended magazines are returned to inventory. Only spent casings are not.]

One of the biggest drawbacks of fighting with magazines was having to pick them up. In movies and anime, the protagonists just kept reloading, leaving their magazines behind. 

Anyone who actually fought with guns knew this was bullshit. 

Empty magazines could be reloaded later, but lost ones could not.

This was why the vests used by the military incorporated this into their reloading practices. Marines were trained not to drop their magazines on the ground if possible. Even if they did, they were supposed to pick it up and stow it in their pockets for future use.

"Hmm. Spent cartridges would leave a footprint. If possible, I want those returned as well."


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