27 2 Years, I Think

Collen's life was pretty good decides the all nighters, the shop, clans trying to rope her in, the fucking Hokage being a cunt... other than that it was good. Collen doesn't know the word sleep anymore, Violet seemed to of gotten Collen's laziness because she sleeps a lot, and I mean a lot!

Toshiro seemed to have gained her smarts and Akane... Collen was honestly scared of what that child will do in the future, she was as much of a trouble maker as Lilith and Kurumi combined! That was fucking terrifying to Collen. It's been here for 2 years, idk, Collen doesn't keep track of time. All of them are fucking immortal time is irrelevant to them.

Collen is currently playing cards with Kakashi and Guy, Toshiro is in her arms watching the game closely. Akane and Violet are with Jannie and Kurumi while Sakuya is at the shop. Collen looked at him and said, "Say something." He looked at her and said, "Mada." "Close enough." she gave him a lollipop, it was fucking sugar-free bitches! Took her a month to get right, and if you bite down on it it will crumble like sand.

Guy said, "Can all your children talk." "No, Toshiro has a higher comprehension ability than others so he learns things faster than most." Collen found this out because of how fast the child learns things. All her children have at least said one word but he can understand everything they say perfectly. His learning speed was compared to Collen's when she was 12, and at 12 she was able to learn an entire language in a few weeks.

Now she can learn them in a few days. Her shop made bank, it was an understatement to say she was the richest person in the leaf. The cakes didn't sell, probably the best choice these people have ever made that ain't normal cake and only a few people know what will happen. Collen was very determined to sell that fucking cake, she just was.


Nothing bad will happen.


Anyhoo. Collen did many missions, too many, they even ran out of missions to give her. Collen got started to train in other weapons, spears, axes, even great swords. She wanted to master every weapon out there, it was going faster than she thought it would. Collen had her shadows copy every book in every nation, it took 2 months.

After all were copied she put them all in the library, she even had books on history. Naruto was doing good in school, Sasuke who Collen say a few times was... he was Sasuke Uchiha, that should give you enough knowledge on how he is. Collen got Sharingan from Danzo's base but never used them, she didn't need to. But she was going to get every eye with abilities a fuse them, that would be op and she was all for it.

Collen really wanted to destroy the fucking village but she can't, well she could but she wouldn't... maybe, probably not going to keep that promise. Collen tried to ask Smith what her stats need to be to use Supreme but he said she hasn't unlocked the information yet.

She was almost 100% sure that there were levels between Supreme and Origin, but that's only a theory.


[Name: Collen Alastor]

[True Name: Lilith]

[Titles: Student of UA, True Mother of Devils]

[Age: 17]

[Soul Bound: Austin, Sakuya, Jeanne, Kurumi]

[Race: Fallen Primordial Demonic Devil]

[Sins: Sloth (9), Envy (1)]

[Lv: 251 | Progress 19%]


[Stat Points: 56]

[Gacha: 327]

[SSS Rank Gacha: 1]

[Credit: 692]


[Strength: 1,300]

[Agility: 1,300]

[Intelligence: 1,300]

[Stamina: 1,300]

[Vitality: 1,300]


[Energies: Mana, Demonic Energy, Chakra]


[Skills: Perfect Probability LvMax, Blood Manipulation (Grandmaster) Lv10, Thread Manipulation (Grandmaster) Lv2, Space Manipulation (Grandmaster) Lv2, Susanoo LvMax, Gravity Manipulation (Master) Lv4, Shapeshift LvMax, Demonic Contract LvMax, Elemental Manipulation (Master) Lv9, Soul Manipulation (Adance) Lv3, Shadow Extraction LvMax, Darkness Manipulation (Basic) 9, Light Manipulation (Basic) 3]


[Passive Skills: Divine Cooking (Grandmaster) Lv10, Cleaning LvMax, Instant Regeneration LvMax, Coding (Grandmaster) Lv8, All Weapons Mastery (Master) Lv4, Perfect Memory LvMax, I Feel Nothing LvMax, Advanced Magic Inventor (Grandmaster) Lv3]


[Magic: Blood Magic (Grandmaster) Lv2, Space Magic (Grandmaster) Lv1, Anti-Magic (Advance) Lv2, Mind Magic (Advance) Lv2, Healing Magic (Advance) Lv2, Elemental Magic (Intermediate) Lv3, Illusion Magic (Advance) Lv3, Darkness Magic (Basic) Lv6, Light Magic (Basic) Lv2]


At this moment it's night and Collen is in the living room watching tv. She didn't copy any skills, none really interested her. She can recreate Kamui with space manipulation. She got a shit ton of Credits from all the missions, it was one of the only reasons she did them. She was thinking of saving up for Instant Mastery but decided against it.

You're probably thinking she did 2 missions a day... how naive, she did 7 different missions every day for a year. She had to go to other villages to do missions because they would run out. She did it all at night so she was still at home with her family, she decided to just save the credits.

Time manipulation would be good but she has a wife that can do that, matter manipulation was probably the best thing but she was wanted to hold off for now. "Smith open all gacha, please." and he did. The best things she got were.

[Karma Token]

[Water Manipulation Skill Token]

[Black Lantern Ring]

[Gum Gum Fruit]

[Observation Haki]

The karma token gives the user karma but it wouldn't have an Otsutsuki in it, it's not white karma though.

(Don't ask questions we both don't know the answer to, okay)

From what Collen knows from her very limited knowledge of dc, a black lantern ring is used but dead people, don't take her or the author's words on that. She wasn't going to use the ring but the karma was for her. Gum-Gum fruit was cool, she'll probably give it to one of her kids.

The haki was also for her, she got up and asked any of the wives if they wanted the ring and they said no so she just left it there. She used the first one and karma formed on her body, it was dark purple. Her power increased significantly, she used the haki and watched anime until morning.

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