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*MYA! Nom-Nom Mew! Meh. Mew. Meh-Heh-Heh.* (Listen up you wet bananas! I, the over 9000 INT Tama, is here to tell you all why you should read this or become my food! Also, you are required to give me your red powered jelly stone things for my efforts in writing this or I’ll make you not only a wet banana but a spilt one too! This story could be better if it was just about me hence only 4 stars for story development. My banana human is just that, a banana. Sometimes they have a wu-wu, others a wee-wee. Its weird, but ignore the boy trap and just focus on me, Tama. Some call me an eggcat, but those someones are bananas. I am a super awesome, all knowing foodie descendent from a dragon-like creature. Basically perfect, yeah. The world I live in is great! There all sorts of foods everywhere! Humans, zombies, green eggs, and ham? Tuna, snakes, scorpions, etc. My owner is abusive though and only feeds Tama the bare minimum, please call protective services for Tama before she starves to death! Author needs to write more so that Tama can show everyone how amazing they are in comparison to everyone else who are bananas. Author you banana, hurry up and give Tama more delicious foods and smarter humans. Poor Tama can only take so many bananas.. wait, that sounds wrong ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) heh-heh, banana Mish will take them in Tama’s place. But chop chop! *Mya-Nom-Nom!*

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I'd like to welcome men and women of culture to my nonsense story! Unlike my previous work, I'll be shameless for this novel. At first, I drafted this for the evolution writer contest. Afterward, I started writing this in order to relax and let my inner voice out into the world, so I can embarrass myself to death! I don't expect a good response because it might offend some people. But if it somehow gets more popular than my other work, I'll probably switch my priority into this work instead. Well, have fun! Meh! ... I meant MEAW!


to be honest at first I was a little turned off by the gender bender tag...but im a total sucker for sci-fi and video game novels so I caved in and read it. if you are on this page and are hesitant about reading it then FOR FUCKS SAKE DO IT ALREADY!! Seriously its great.


Love for the story is all I feel it can be interact,evasive,alluring and keep you hooked I started and finished all that was released in a day a DAY that was how hard I fell for this nugget of diamond i found buried under the pretence of a bright future but I'm here to tell you it is worth reading now. Short and sweet


Only thing that I don't like in the novel is gender bending... ..................................................................................................................................................................................


Sorry for a low star for updates. The story is good. I am strange because I like gender bender stories but straight. It's really interesting keep up the work! Thanks for the story! 😘💓💕


Reveal spoiler


Well, Its kinda well written, but gender bender always freeking bothering me. I guess if there are no such thing, such as gender bender there will be many more readers will like or have interest on this novel, because many will hesitate for this genre, i dont know if he/she will turn a gay. Why dont you just make it girl or pure man, it will be a really good story, and the background of the is amazing, even til now im thinking of not to go on to the upper chapters, i just.like to when you create or make next time please make it friendly for all, because it is really annoying, i know for you i guess, its just a small issue/thing. But we cant admire a gay/or a guy dressing a girl clothes. Its making our brain hurt. Hahahah tnx btw. The story has good background, plot, and even my fav genre the gaming. But gender bender strike a good deal of stress to a reader like me. I think were quite many hahahaha anyway thanks, ill try to read for a few chap.


Just letting everyone know before hand, the main character IS gender bent. Not just a trap, he plays as a FEMALE character. Not that that is bad, just a warning to let you know. It's not my cup of tea because of that and the writing is about average but, it's your call and I'm sure that there are many people that will love this story. Good luck, Author-san and I hope that your story is loved by many!


Good stuff this. Though, it hasn't been updated for a month. Hopefully the author for comes back to this to finish it up. Apparently my review isn't enough characters long yet. Let me try to post again.


I’m rating it perfect because it’s about virtual reality games a good genre.👍👍👍👍👍👍.


Reveal spoiler


I feel like I should apologize. I’ve seen this novel for a while now but never tried it since the summary was strange and I wasn’t really interested in it, I assumed it would have been a stupid comedy or something like that. So when the farming option came and I saw that this novel could be farmed, I just decided to swipe the pages to accumulate coins. But I got a bit curious and read the first chapters and damn this is good. This is way more interesting than I thought and I am going through it as fast as I can x) So if you hesitate about this novel and have seen this comment just try it for 10 to 15 chapters and be impressed with it! Anyway good job author for creating this masterpiece


this book is great the plot the story the backstory and about his appearance and let’s not forget about are cute little egg cat/egg heart tama the cutie of this story i love on how it developing


Great story so far! Sorry for the 2 ★ in updates. It's really interesting. Keep up the work! The breast are cheat codes lol. I love the story so far!!


Give this one a four star review! Having read it before, I can never stop wondering WHAT happens NEXT!! shame the last update was right before the coronavirus outbreak. hope nothing happened. 😔


Surprisingly one of top 10 of novels I have read.


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Great chapter and I hope your mom comes out ok, my one piece of constructive criticism is that the new rave needed a bit of foreshadowing since it felt like it came out of left field.


All you wet bananas prepare to get ***** slapped to f00k. A good storyline with a hint of mystery added. This mixed with rocky character relations and excellent humour creates a story not to be missed.