215 Chapter 215 – Introduction

"Let me introduce everyone," said the elder. "My name is Byron." Then he gestured to one of the others. The youngster walked forward and stood beside Byron. "This is Drake. He was once part of the Fire Guild in the Middle-Continent. He fled the Fire Guild when he killed one of his disciple brothers. I won't go into the details since it's personal, but he had a good reason to do that, and I won't fault him for that."

Gravis looked at Drake, and they shook hands. Drake had red hair, yet his eyes seemed sinister. Gravis didn't judge people based on their looks, so he didn't really care.

"Hello, Gravis. I've heard much about you from Elder Byron," Drake said with a cold face, which didn't match his words. "I know that you will be a tremendous help to us."

"Likewise, Drake," Gravis said with a smile.


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