201 Chapter 201 – Consequences

"So, what will you be doing now?" asked the Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild.

Gravis stretched his neck, creating some satisfying cracks. "I'll stay near the Fire Guild for some days and then leave. You fire cultivators might be aggressive, but I prefer that over this hypocrisy. Wanna join me?" asked Gravis with a casual smile.

The Vice-Guild Master only smiled bitterly. "No, thanks. I am too old for all this excitement. I'll just stay here and do my job. Thank you for the offer, though," he said.

Gravis shrugged. "Alright, suit yourself. Have fun!"

With that said, he left for the Fire Guild. This whole thing with the Earth Guild had taken longer than expected, but it was actually better this way. Gravis had tested a lot of things and managed to extend his arsenal of fighting techniques. Gravis also finally got to fight people at the Spirit Forming Realm. Even though they had been pretty weak, the fight still gave him a lot of information.


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