178 Chapter 178 – Creation

Gravis activated his Will-Aura and felt the space around him. The lightning from Heaven was nowhere to be seen. Instead, something similar to fog filled this barrier. Gravis felt the Primal Energy in the air, and it seemed to mold to whatever he wanted. It was similar to how the elements followed what he wanted by him activating his Elemental Synchronicity.

"It's time!" Gravis shouted with mad glee.

Gravis absorbed a lot of the Primal Energy into his body and willed it to transform into Destruction Energy.


A part of Gravis' chest was destroyed as a second Lightning Seed, made out of pure Destruction Energy, was created. Gravis ignored the pain as he activated his Elemental Synchronicity. The Lightning Seed quickly moved through his body without damaging it. The second Lightning Seed was moving right towards his mind!


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