133 Chapter 133 – Wendy

Gravis and the guard walked into the castle, and similar to the Lightning Guild, they walked up some stairs until they were on the highest floor. A big and heavy door was the end of a long corridor, and the guard gestured for Gravis to enter. Gravis nodded to him and pushed the door open.

In comparison to the Lightning Guild, the door here was just a regular door, and Gravis had no issues in opening it. Gravis stepped through, into a big hall, and the door closed behind him. He looked around the hall and noticed many people.

Instead of multiple thrones, he saw a lot of wooden chairs and tables. Multiple middle-aged and old people sat around the tables and talked happily with each other. Gravis could also see multiple kinds of fruit on their tables. The hall in the Lightning Guild felt weighty and oppressive, while this one felt free and casual.


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