16 Problems

Previous battle pointed out Bai chen's weaknesses, the main weaknesses highlighted are his speed and his lack of attacking method.

Though through the breathing technique he can enter Total Concentration state which can enhance all aspects of his physique, but how much he can enhance still depend on his proficiency in breathing technique and the base strength of his body. Unfortunately his proficiency in breathing technique is at beginners level and his body is only that of a child.

He may have speed that didn't match his age when in total concentration state but it is still not fast enough to act as a surprising element in a fight, so learning speed related jutsu which can let us travel instantaneously in a short distance in a fight is necessary.

For speed Bai chen had the Body Flicker Technique through which a ninja can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination, though now he can't use Body Flicker Technique for long distances due to insufficient chakra but it is perfect for short distance which solves his problem of speed.

Now for his attacking method, it mainly relies on katana and due to how busy he was focusing on other things he really didn't had time to practice swordplay.

Though he has already scanned the sword styles available in Bai clan, but all those are ordinary sword techniques, which had many openings. So he has to ask chip to form a perfect sword technique and which suited him the best.

The sword techniques or different sword plays which we are taking about when paired with ninjutsu, chakra flow, fūinjutsu and genjutsu is known as Kenjutsu.

Kenjutsu can display extraordinary power when used properly. For example, in the future there is Hatake Sakumo, Hatake Kalashi's father, who is even stronger that three legendary sanin and he mainly relies on kenjutsu.

But the problem that stands in Bai chen's way is his katana, his katana is an ordinary one which cannot conduct chakra and for a katana to conduct chakra it has to be mixed with Chakura Kinzoku or Chakra Metal which is found in rare deposits in the Land of Shade, blades made with Chakra Metal are known as Chakra Blades and these Chakra Blades are very expensive.

Bai clan being a great clan the surely have some reserve of Chakra Metal but they are for the great contributors of clan. These reserves are owned by whole Bai clan and he couldn't just take them for his personal use even though he he Bai clan's young master.

He can ask his father to provide to him with Chakra Metal because as clan leader he surely has enough merits to take one piece from the reserves but Bai chen is not sure whether it would cause him some difficulties. He also had some doubt whether his father will really agree to his request this time.

Well, lets think about this problem later for now he would do things he can.

"Chip, build a perfect sword style best suitable for me" Bai chen gave chip its next task.

[Host command acknowledged]

[searching in data library for relevant information]

[sufficient information found in data library, building a perfect sword style according to the information available for the host, estimate time to complete the task- 2 hr 40 mins]

Bai chen had a frown on his face when he saw the time taken by the chip to complete his task, you know that with the computing power of the chip this task shouldn't take so much time.

Well its not like he can do anything about it, he can only wait and see the results.

Since there is so much time before it is completed, Bai chen started his daily routine of training , first by circulating breathing technique and at the same time perform movement technique to tamper his body.

Right now he can only tamper his body for an hour, which is the most optimum duration set by chip for him, this one hour of tampering will provide him with best results.

. . . . .

Time passed, the sky dimmed and and night fell, it was 6 pm. Due to environment of land of water night fell early here, by now Bai chen has also completed his training and freshened up.

Chip has also completed the task he gave him but Bai chen decided not to look at the result now instead he decided to look at it tomorrow morning, right now he was thinking about how to solve the problem of Chakra Metal.

Finally after racking his brain for half-hour he finally came to an answer, but he had a troubled expression on his face, not knowing wheather his choice would cause him trouble in the future.

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