1 What a Shit Life(Rewritten.)

The first being to come into existence was Death. She appeared before even life with boundless power. Anything she desired, it was hers to take and for countless ages, it stayed that way. But as countless ages came and went she began to desire one thing she could never have.

The one thing that would forever stay out of her reach was having a child of her own. She was Death, so she could not bring about life in the way she wanted. Her desired offspring would never be hers and it stayed as something to be desired, but not reached.

Until she found a method to accomplish her desire. She cut off a shard of her very soul. She formed that into a brand new soul, the soul of her child. However, even that tiny shard of her great soul was more than any mortal, or god could possibly hope to contain. She was forced to seal away most of its power just to keep her great power hidden deep within. Once complete she did not have even a few seconds to hold his soul as her own soul wanted the shard back.

As Death, she knew when beings could die and she saw many paths for her son. Some were worse than others until she saw the best one for his sake. One where he could rise to her level. Though, this path would be painful and harsh.

With a heavy heart, she sent off his soul onto this path which she saw as the best chance of success for him. Even if it pained her greatly to subject her child to this heavy fate. This dark soul entered the body of a pregnant woman and because of the many seals placed on its power, he did not cause the immediate death of the woman. However, that did not mean things were easy for the unfortunate woman.

She was being used as a way to give a body to Death's son so her health was failing. Death kept her from dying until her son could be born and when he was born things went wrong. The day he was born, a total eclipse covered the sky, and every clock on Earth stopped working. Animals came out of their homes to pay their respects to their future master.

He had nothing to do with the Anti-Christ but was born on June 6th, 2006. The clock struck 3 AM making the father of his body fear him so he took him to the church. He was given to the church which genuinely thought he was the Anti-Christ. They sought to destroy him, but because of Death's protection, they did not. Instead, they tried to turn him into a weapon of the church.

He was given the name Akuma which meant Devil as the church saw any other name as too good for him. His time in the church was horrendous as he was constantly trained to be a weapon for them. He was beaten, tortured, and forced to pray to a God he came to scorn and he had to have exorcisms done daily. They called it keeping the power of Hell weak, but he was not a child of Hell. He was worse and over time tiny parts of his mother's power surfaced.

It could barely be called that as so many seals to keep his mortal body together. He began to drain the life and vitality of those around him meaning the priests, nuns, and people of the church began to grow weak. Meanwhile, he fed on this vitality without knowing slowly over many years.

A seed of resentment was already formed in his heart. He hated being subjected to such things, he just wanted to be left alone. The more anger, resentment, and dark emotions he felt the faster the drain, and over time they began to drop like flies. One night when he was 10 years old he had enough. He snapped a bit and killed everyone in the church that night as they were weak and escaped in the middle of winter.

Strangely enough, the damn clock turned to 3 Am when he did this, but he just stopped caring. If they thought of him as the Devil he would just have to become worse than the Devil. He was stronger than any 10-year-old should be because of the vitality he had drained over the years.

Most of it went to his soul rather than his body, but a large amount still had improved his condition. He ran for several miles and hours before he finally dropped to the ground. He rested against a building with his lungs on fire. He opened his eyes which were hollow as a pupil could not be seen in them. His hair was pitch black, and his skin was deadly pale.

As he rested, a few rats ran up to him and stood in front of him in a line. Akuma had always found that animals even untamable ones like snakes seemed to be friendly to him. He held his hand out as the rats ran up his arms. They squeaked a bit as he began to talk to the rats. This was one thing he kept to himself, he could always talk to animals. They even went out of their way to help him in his time of need.

Just as he was talking to the rats he was spotted by a few thugs who walked up to him.

"Hey, look at the brat. He is talking to the rats. What's wrong boy, got no normal pets?"

Akuma squinted his eyes at these 5 guys.

"Maybe I prefer rats to sorry sod likes you."

The short one of the group scoffed. He spat on the ground as he saw the rats bear their teeth at them.

"Hey, boss, what do we do with him? Take him to the old man?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Akuma realized that they were not just thieves, they were kidnappers. He got up and was ready to run or fight as he was beyond exhausted. The rats ran up his shoulders as he backed away from them. He even reached behind him to get his pair of curved knives, but the first guy drew his gun and aimed it at him.

"Don't try it."

He paused, but Akuma whistled which caused the rats on his shoulders to attack. They rushed at the first guy and crawled into his clothes and bit him all over. He screamed and Akuma used that distraction to pull out his karambits. He rushed forward as the guy squirmed with rats in his clothes and sliced his throat open.

The 4 others did not expect that and pulled out their guns as he was no longer worth catching. Things slowed down in Akuma's gaze as he calculated where the bullets would go. When they fired he had already moved to be where they would not pass. He cut down two more as he sliced open their stomachs.

The church had been horrible, but they had trained him greatly. Just as he was going on to the 4th guy he was hit on the head with a shovel. He fell hard to the ground and behind him was another one of the guys who had not gone with him. The rats screeched and attacked, but they were killed with a few stomps and shovel hits.

The one with the shovel raised it as he planned to crush his head, but the boss stopped him.

"No. The old guy will pay top dollar for this kid. He better."

He reached down and grabbed Akuma's knives. He checked them and saw they had crosses on them and even Latin that he could not read. Not to mention that Akuma on his body had several religious tattoos that were forced on him. They called them seals, but they were just terrible tattoos.

Akuma while unconscious drained the vitality of those he killed and even a bit of the thugs around him. While unconscious they took him to the old guy as they kept calling him. He was a man in his 50s, he was still tall, muscular, and had a sharp look in his eyes.

He looked at Akuma with a curious gaze.

"So what did you get? He any good?"

The big guy nodded and they threw a bucket of cold water at him. The cold forced him to wake up and the first thing he did was punch the guy in the balls. He still knew where his blades were so he grabbed one out of the guy's pocket. It shot open which he used to slice the guy from belly to throat.

The one with the shovel panicked and raised trying to smack him on the head. Falling for it once Akuma dodged and sliced his arm open causing him to scream. He swung across and cut open the guy's throat. As for the old man he noticed how Akuma was trained meaning he got an even better product.

There was one more, who ran away, but Akuma grabbed the gun off the floor and shot him in the back. He did not see it but their souls were destroyed and tiny sparks of them were eaten by his soul. Plus all of their vitality rushed to feed his soul and his body. He then aimed the gun at the old guy, but the man was ready.

"Not bad kid, but too slow."

Akuma began to sway slightly as the old man used an odorless powdered poison to weaken Akuma.

"Some poison to get you to stop."

He used that chance to toss poison-covered needles to the side of his neck. The poison took effect instantly and it made Akuma fall to his knees. He felt numb and could not control his body. Even his enhanced body did not help him much as he was still sealed mostly.

'Damn it.'

The old man smiled and patted him on the head.

"I am Harold. You are going to be my apprentice from here on. So get used to this."

Harold dragged him inside before calling a few favors to get rid of the bodies. Akuma's killer instinct was just what he was looking for. Sadly for Akuma, that did not save him from what Harold had planned. For the next year, he was subjected to physiological and physical torture to break him. This was something he had already experienced under the church so he resisted anyway.

Harold began to use poison, drugs, and the like, but Akuma would not break. As Harold did not want to cripple him he could not truly harm him too greatly until he created a brand new drug. He injected it directly into Akuma's veins, even using needles covered in it in his nerve clusters. This drug caused Akuma's will to weaken until Harold got what he wanted.

Akuma's mother did not intervene despite how much she truly wanted to. However, she knew that this path was the one where Akuma would get the best chance to rise. Once Harold found a way how to control him he continued the training the church had given Akuma. He used that and built upon it to turn Akuma into a living weapon that was his to control

He taught him everything he knew and more and sent him out to do his jobs. Because of the drugs and poisons that Harold used on him 24/7 to keep him tame, he became almost immune to pain and most drugs. Not to mention that Harold had to continue to improve his formula as Akuma continued to grow stronger and more resistant to his drugs as he kept killing.

For over 12 years Harold kept Akuma as his son, weapon, and executioner, but Akuma was constantly draining his vitality slowly. He was also feeding on all of the people he killed so he was much stronger than when he was younger. As for Harold, his health worsened over the years, but he did not even suspect Akuma. In his long life, he had never encountered a single thing supernatural. As such he just kept with his plan to keep Akuma.

However, when Akuma turned 22, Harold died one day from cancer caused by his failing vitality. After 12 years under his control, Akuma's drugged mind began to piece itself together. The drugs in his body after 12 years of abuse began to be broken down freeing Akuma truly. With a soul made from Death, and a body trained to kill Akuma did the one thing he knew how to do. Kill.

To get back Harold who kept him like a trained dog, he killed all of Harold's contacts. And when they were dead he went on to kill other criminals. The murderous rampage he went on for the next 15 years, redefined the word 'Murder'. No one in history had killed nearly as many as he had as he just grew stronger with each kill. He took killing to the limit becoming more of a monster than he already was. However, he was razor honed and in control of himself.

Triad, cartels, warlords, corrupt politicians, Dirty Wealthy, world leaders, Mafia, gang members, child traffickers, he hunted them all. All were under his belt and his kill count was off the charts. And each kill caused his body to grow stronger and his soul began to mature and evolve.

Even if it was not his intention his actions inspired people to rise up. Many found out why he was killing and what those he killed did which caused a new movement. He invertedly caused WW3 as people supported Akuma. He was purging the world of evil which actually caused many to worship him as a god. He had no care in this and he never supported them or went against them.

Either way, he was wanted by every government worldwide which caused the biggest manhunt in the world for his head. Akuma was always one step ahead as he had spies everywhere in the form of animals. Every bird, rodent, cat, and dog were his eyes and ears.

They sought to serve him so the secrets of the guilty were easy to find. Special Forces, Armies, Mercenaries, and other assassins all went after his giant bounty that went into the Billions. All his pursuers found in his wake were bodies and mutilation which they ended up joining soon after. No one was safe from him and currently, he was in America.

He had just finished off a child smuggling ring and a massive army had him surrounded. Helicopters, tanks, soldiers, and snipers had him surrounded. They circled the whole place and the kids he had just saved looked at him like he was a demon even if he saved them from a fate worse than death.

He looked at a little girl who did not fear him and she muttered just two words.

"Thank you."

She passed out after what she had experienced leaving him alone. He looked down at his hands. In his right hand was a giant bloody greatsword and his left had a Desert Eagle. The sword was blood red and the gun was smoking. Akuma stood 6'5, and his body was covered in dense muscles. His eyes were still hollow and his black coat looked more red from all the blood.

'The end of the road it seems. But thanks really does feel nice.'

He walked toward the little girl. He wrote a small note and placed it in her hand something to help her out. With that, he pulled out his notebook from his pocket and crossed off the last name. He was done, and it was time to face the music.

He gripped his sword tight and began to walk out. His gun was empty so he placed it into his coat. When he came out the tanks aimed their barrels at him red laser sights appeared all over his body and helicopters flashed their spotlights.

Soldiers aimed their guns at him, but he starred them all down. He gripped his sword tight as he decided what to do. A voice came from a sound speaker that made him look in that direction. It was the new leader of the FBI as he killed the last one and a large portion of their people.


Akuma did not drop his sword. Instead, he gripped his sword tighter and rushed straight into the army faster than any human had any right to. His strength caused the ground under him to shatter as he rushed into the army.

With a wide swing of his sword which was as long as a man, cut off the heads of 10 soldiers. Over the years he had learned how to control his ability and instantly the vitality and soul energy of 10 men rushed into him fueling his power.

This would be a night to remember.

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