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Lightning and Fire Given Form(DxD)


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Man how many times are u gonna rewrite the same book i was at 40th chapter now I have to wait till it reaches 40 chapters, I am only giving iy a 5 stars cuz i know how the book is don't let my hopes down.

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This FF was the first one I ever wrote and I feel that I have really done it justice with the new rewrite..................................................


Review as of chapter 42. Rating: 4,6 This novel has very high potential. Author isn't relying on plot from the canon of DxD to drive the story. Now, why 4,6 instead of pure 5,0: Every chapter has at least 1 grammatical error, but it doesn't make it unreadable, you can easily infer the intent behind the writing. Example of those mistakes: incorrect usage of your and you're (at the bottom for author I will shortly describe which one to use where), incorrectly written word, or using an incorrect word (example: "you are very tough" vs "you are very though"). My other gripe would be that the romantic/emotional development of some female protagonists towards MC wasn't fully shown but just told that 'it happened' (Esdeath, Kuroka and Akeno). Overall the novel shows great promise with few issues that don't take away from the overall experience. We use "your" when we describe someone's possession - for example: your dog, your pokemon, your pen, your anger, your death energy. We use "you're" when we describe someone's state of being: you're angry, you're done for, you're victorious, you're dead. Hope this helps.




This fanfic is not bad but I have a huge problem with the interactions of the characters. The way they communicate with each other sounds so bland, like they don't have any emotions at all. It just feels a little bit mechanical, when they talk. I have only read up to the first 5 chapters, so I'm not entirely sure if this applies to the latest chapters. This is my first time making a review, I'm sorry if it sounds harsh. It's just not for me but keep going Author.


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Guess I’ll add to the reviews… Good story. Best story you will probably find about highschool dxd without a doubt. The mc is smart and doesn’t think with his pp Another plus side is that he doesn’t have hero syndrome!!! Far from it infact πŸ˜‹ Cons: not releasing enough chapter 🀬


Hello world my review time. I’m really liking the story more so than the last version grammer and spelling are good enough to ignore the mistakes, the romance is hehehe enjoyable his personality and background are enjoyable to me as well. Overall personally I enjoy it, no more rewrites please :(


Reveal spoiler


Will the mc have his own concept? *spoiler Right now he kinda shares infinity with ophis, but that also means he can’t really overpower her without something new. If yes, I think something like Nothingness ( basically an even opβ€˜er version of denial of nothingness from fate ) would fit the mc.




Im loving this so far the idea of reincarnation is original and even the character interaction is natural and not too forced and even the interaction between the mc and herem isn’t so forced like other ff iv seen anyway author keep up the great work and dont drop this ff i think it has a lot of potential just stay consistent Im on chapter 16


was this dropped it would suck if it was it was a pretty good fanfic I hope it's just been a while since you've posted it's a really good read hope you continue


I'll give a three. It's pretty good. A fanfic that actually tries to do something with all of the fancy background DxD has and not mindlessly following canon. If I had to give one flaw with this novel it would be that it feels a bit rushed. It feels like it's just moving from one battle to another with a few moments in between. It would be better if you slowed the pace down a bit to develop the MC's relationship with his harem. Other than that it's a pretty good fanfic.


why did you remove rossweisse and serafall but add shaltear and submission ? ............,..........................................


I liked it a lot when I was graded it's over, 5 stars I really liked the personality of the MC, as for the grammar I don't care much since I read it with the google translation, I found the best DXD fan-fic I've ever read


Big fan of the first one but this one feels a lot better. I can always enjoy an author that doesn’t solely rely on cannon for a fanfiction.


Fam this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


I liked the first version, so [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]