29 Within the grasp

Grey clouds dimmed the sky as if it were evening. Suddenly a loud breeze bashed the window and broke the silence between Zane and Naveah.

"I guess it'll pour again." Zane got up to close the windows.

Naveah stared at him with her head leaning on her shoulders,

water drops were sliding down her cheeks from her wet hair.

"What are you looking at? Dry your hair properly. You wanna catch a fever?" He ruffled her hair with a towel.

"Leave it be. I'm used to it." She sounded cold.

"Don't talk."

The sound of the hair drier felt loud because of the silent atmosphere.

"So, what did they ask you in there?" He glanced at Naveah while sitting beside her.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking questions first?" She smiled at him.

"...Sure, go on."

"How did you get in there? Why didn't anyone stop you there? Do you have any connection with the police?" She tilted her head.

"I have no connection with the police. Furthermore, they weren't qualified enough to stop me. And even if they did, I would've taken them down in one go, Naveah" He brushed his fingers in her hair strand and kissed it while gazing into her eyes.

"W-what do you mean not qualified enough? Police are police. They have the right to stop the president if they had to." She said with a hint of blush on her face.

"Wrong! Now it's your turn. What did they ask you and what did you answer?"

"Nothing much. But one thing is confirmed the killer took down Samantha in front of my house...that son of a bitch." She gripped her hands together.

Zane caressed her hand, "Calm down Naveah-"

"Calm down, calm down my ass! You expect me to keep cool after I lost my only two friends like that? Tessa, they were killed right closer to me this brutally...And me? I was in my own world. How much calmer do people expect me to be? I'm trying my best to keep my composure. They called me more than 20 times, Tessa. They called me that night! Samantha probably came to check on me and got ambushed!" Naveah glared at Zane with her bloodshot eyes with tears stuck in them while tilting her head as her inside with ripping apart from guilt and rage.

Zane stared at her face with an aching expression and pulled her closer to embrace her, "I'm sorry Naveah. I'm just worried about you. I don't want you to feel miserable. It wasn't your fault Naveah, don't blame yourself. If the killer had targeted them, he would've done it any other way possible. It's not your fault."

"And you! Why did you get involved again" She shoved his hand away.

"I lied to them so you don't get involved with this. You're the last person I have Tessa. I don't want anything to happen to you. Why did you go there? I could've escaped on my own." She grabbed him by the collar.

"I don't know what's going on inside the PBI or around me. Everything feels like a mess. I can't trust anyone except you Tessa. What if the killer targets you too? What should I do then?" She started panicking while staring at Zane who was dazed at her with his light eyes and veins visible on his skin.

"You're...gonna protect me? Naveah, you're that much worried about me? Ahh...Naveah, I love you so much that I could die." He wrapped his arms around him and hugged her tightly while staring at the ceiling. His face looks as if he would devour Naveah right at that moment.

"Naveah, Let's move to Sydney and live together hmm?" He grabbed her shoulders and looked at her.

"What're you saying? I am out here to take revenge. Wherever he is, I'll dig him out and skin him alive. I'll make him suffer 10 times more than whatever he did to every other victim. Handing him over to the police will do no good." Zane stared at Naveah in silence as she showed outrage on her face.

"That's why Tessa...Stay away from me. I don't want you to be at risk because of me. I'll leave tomorrow, I won't stop until I find him and take revenge."

"Huh? What do you think you're talking about?" Zane glared at her while grabbing her by the shoulder tightly.

"Argh, Tessa! It hurts. Wha-" She looked at him to see his furious gaze and a jolt went down her spine as if there was no way out if she doesn't obey.

"Naveah, why did you speak bullshit just now hmm? I hope you were joking. Never say these or I'll get really mad ok? You're staying here with me and I'm never leaving you. I'll help you if you want to take revenge and my safety isn't something you need to worry about."

"B-but I-" Her eyes got teary and she felt his tongue on her eyes washing away the tears. Before she could say anything she felt Zane's lips on her lips as she closed her eyes forgetting everything for a split second.



Zane gaped at Navee's wet curved lashes and swollen eyes as she kept sleeping soundly in his arms after sobbing her eyes out.

He slowly put her head down on the pillow after softly kissing her forehead and covered her with the blanket.

His gaze switched right after he walked out of the room while mumbling, "Things happened quicker than I anticipated. Well...

It doesn't matter as long as I can have her...."