2 Meeting ''god''

Allan woke up screaming in his mind, but there was no voice to accompany his desire to scream out in terror, opening his eyes he could see that stars surrounded him, he couldn't see the end of them. The stars seemed to part ways in a direction, as if encouraging him to follow the road they made for him.

'This looks sketchy, why am I here? The last thing I remember is pain, I was trapped under those trees, I think I fell unconscious'. Looking down revealed that he had no legs or arms, he was a blob of light, formless. Here he couldn't feel any pain, he couldn't feel anything in fact he could only float.

Without waiting any longer he went in the direction the stars were pointing him, what else could he do? Stay there for eternity? He wanted to see what was happening.

He must have walked for what seemed like years, maybe it was the anticipation? The hope for a new life? Curiosity for what happens in the afterlife? Regardless of what stirred his mind in the beginning, right now he was getting tired, not physically of course, but his mind needed rest. He had time to contemplate many things about himself and his surroundings.

He had long since come to terms with his death, some parts of it he tried to forget. Like the fact that there weren't many people that would notice him missing, by the time his body is found it would be burned beyond recognition, his ID wasn't exactly fireproof either, so he assumed his body wouldn't even be recognized.

Sometime during his journey in this endless expanse of stars, he started feeling things around him, perceiving things without gazing at them, as a one piece fan he recognized the similarities between this and Observation Haki.

It was obviously not haki by any stretch of the imagination. But as an otaku, there was no way he would call it anything else.

He could reach far away, countless stars were in his perception, each represented a system. A majestic picture of infinite splendour, all for his figurative eyes to enjoy.

He could feel the stars surrounding him dwindling in number. Now he could feel a presence in front of him, he had come to the end of his journey. The presence was grand, compared to the stars that surrounded him it was too big to be completely covered with by his perception.

After a while of standing still it 'spoke' communicating through thought.

"And why are you here, Small one? No mortal soul can survive in this place."

It had been a while since he had a conversation, after composing himself Allan responded in thought.

"I do not know, I just exist, maybe to enjoy the sights?"

After all, if a being so grand couldn't comprehend his mortality then how could he?

"And who may you be, God perhaps?" He continued quizzically.

"In a sense, I am god, creation originated from me. However, I only observe, the only time I interfered was to begin the process of gathering energy to form what you humans called 'The Big Bang'."

It took Allan a while to respond to that, but he wasn't really one for religion anyway so he got over it quickly.

"So, what's going to happen to me? What happens after a human dies?"

"Usually when one of your kind dies their memories are wiped and their soul is sent to reincarnate... For some reason, yours just wandered off here. Your soul, however, would retain its memories regardless of what happens next."

"Can't you send me in a world of my choosing? I've gazed upon many familiar ones on my way here."

That's right, on the way here Allan saw many worlds similar to his own, but also many that he had thought were fictional. He guessed that the possibilities of the worlds being the same as in the anime/manga were infinitesimal, however, in an infinite number of stars some were bound to be just as depicted.

God pondered for a while. Then he suddenly spoke.

"This is the first time I've ever interacted with my creation, I will help you this time, after all, you are a curiosity, neither of us can explain your existence."

"I can send you to a world of your choosing, this is the first time something like this happened..."

"Your soul is much too strong for an infant to carry... I could, however, transmigrate you into an already grown body. I figure a human the age of ten would work. Very well, choose the world and timeline you desire."

After that Allan stood for a while, he decided against choosing one piece, that world was as beautiful as it was dangerous, a long time fan of the show like him would know.

Allan made up his mind eventually, choosing the world of My Hero Academia, 6 years before Midoriya got into UA. He chose this world because he wanted a somewhat peaceful life.

Adding to that was the fact that he found it to be interesting. He also wanted some excitement in his new life.

God instantly found it, after all, you could assume his perception spreads everywhere in this place, it was the reason you were guided here.

"I see that the world you have chosen is somewhat reliant upon power, I will grant you one, choose wisely."

Allan instantly decided upon the Pika Pika No Mi, he found it to be one of the strongest powers in one piece. He also found Kizarus personality to be similar to his own, both always stuck to doing the bare minimum if they could.

"I can grant you that power, I will integrate it into that world, just for you. Enjoy your time alive. Until we meet again, I will be observing you."

And just like that, it all went dark.

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