Light and Chaos

A storm was coming , Yes he felt it in his bones calling him . A grand change in the world , it was coming any day now but he couldn't take any more precautions for he already did all he could . the Old society was notified and the major hidden powers informed but he just wished for something else to do . He sat thinking of the future but at that moment he had a Idea , he just wished that this was worth it .

He sighed , This was insane but he had to do it for humanity he just knew he had to . The World needed new hero's rather then the old Masters of the Vatican or the Uncaring fools of old , For would any of them actually see what the mortals need , Yes they were all practically immortal those fools yet they think they know everything in the world and the answer is that they don't . He will bring back Mana , Qi , worldly energies and all other magic by sacrificing himself , this was a necessity he knew but it still pained his heart . Flying above the planet he calmly prepared for his death , he looked at the sky and had thoughts of his family , his beloved daughter and his Lovely wife but resolve quickly overcame his fears and regrets .

" Let My Mana and energy fill the world ! ", He Calmly Said as his body shattered into light shards .

The light fragments showered the earth with heavenly light , billions all looked as the sky brightened , all who saw showed fear , confusion and shock on their faces . The light filled the bodies of all and their Physical prowess grew and the air became purer and richer pathing the way for spiritual plants and beasts but most of all magic . The earth though at this grand moment shifted and cracked the storm had also arrived and so the earth was filled with heavenly light and destruction . the earth was a mixture of life and death , it was a amazing sight to behold .

" So beautiful ", He whispered as the darkness consumed his vision and as his remaining body crumbled apart into dust flying in the sky .

" It has started ", A deep voice boomed . The voice came from a floating figure completely covered in black robes , This man chuckled as he stared at the earth indeed this will be amusing .

A white robed figure watched on with concern on his face staring down on the world , Several other robed figures stood looking with different expressions on their faces joy , hate , concern and greed . The figures though all different had one thing in common , This age was a opportunity .

And so the age of Light and Chaos had been set , so let the hero's shine and the villains rise this era filled with death and will of man . The Many masters scatter in this time moving across the land , Power figures such as Pangu , Yahweh , Odin , Zeus and many others descend from the Sky seeking gain in this troubling time , and Gods will also play .

My first Book has started and so if you are reading it Thank you !

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