Reviews of Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique


Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

Midnight Beast

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Only good book among the trial read this time. Hopefully they pick it. Probably won’t since they always pick the garbage ones over the good ones.


I love simulator ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Even though it's another generic system novel, the world-building is excellent, and the translation quality is... well, acceptable. Little details make you feel like you are in an ancient Chinese city with its Jianghu and imperial court looming in the background. In addition, this novel is still regularly updated and not dropped as other unfinished books translated by Webnovel recently


I have read Raw. I must say the initial concept was interesting, but after chapter 200 the story began to decline, the writer only made fillers in order to meet the word limit that he set, very disappointing in my opinion. But what can be expected from Chinese writers? Rarely do they produce novels as good as RI or LOTM.


Typical translation errors in getting the gender wrong e.g she/he. Story wise A very interesting concept and I wager that the life experience part of the system will be more important in the future arcs. Regarding the life simulation, it is interesting to see different scenarios and lives plan out based on his current talent. It even plays with the idea of how he can surpass the life simulation and lead to situations where the future has changed and is unaware of his future until he does a life simulation (like a fortune reading). Pro: Not a stereotypical system comedy duo Another good thing is not another common trope (?) of a “heartless” system. So many of those and it gets tiring. This one keeps it to a bare minimum as of 25 chapters in Character design Mmm I dont dislike the main character. Very neutral with some weird choices in the story but does not lose himself I greed for money and is diligent but not overtly kind. Although a bit irrational in regards to those who offend him or those connected to him I recommend you read this novel :)


Reveal spoiler


Pretty good so far, the story is kinda generic but much better than the trash WN churns out. This story reminds me of BTTH Life Simulator System on here, yet the author doesn't get the MC to capitalize on the future knowledge as much as the author of BTTHLSS did. Granted this novel's author always has the MC dying in less than 10 years every time he does a simulation, so there isn't much information to be able to find out about treasures etc. Kinda a nerf but its still pretty entertaining. I'd like it more if the translation was as good as Atlas Studios normal does translations but for some reason this novels TL is kinda bad. It hasn't put me off reading but seeing mistakes is jarring. Always switching up him/her when it comes to the MC and the currency/numbers are basically nonsense from the start of the story. It takes effort to mess up that bad unless you're using MTL then doing light general editing without the effort to actually bother fix the more important pronouns and numbers. I'd still recommend to check it out, its much better than the usual novels released on here. Also I'd recommend checking out I Hide And Farm In The World Of Cultivation To Increase My Proficiency from the last release before this one. It's pretty good too.


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Reveal spoiler


I am on chapter 102 and I am a fan of the simulator trope and the system until now is somewhat balanced and I hope it remains like that. I noticed that the novel took a lot elements of a similar novel called "way of the devil" (which stopped being translated midway) such as yin energy & aristocratic /divine weapons family which I don't mind as long as you avoid/correct the major plot holes which I applaud 👏 you on correcting unit now as (the martial and divine weapon systems balancing) and (divine weapons grading of shards and equivalent in martial systems) I hope you continue on the correct path and don't drop this okay.It has great potential so please don't miss it up


Mtl name Life Simulation: Add Entries Starting From Health Preservation Skills


Good novel to read. Need some improvements and it will be 4.5 stars.


has a similar or almost same world design to "The Way of The Devil" especially the divine weapons


This is actually a decent novel, the system is not annoying, or intrusive, I'm gladly surprised.


mass release mass release mass release mass release!!!!!!!


pretty gud. honestly I'm addicted to simulation type novels now , does anyone know any other good simulation novels other than BTTHLSS , fantasy simulator , simulation era ?


This one is pretty good. It's a simulation novel where he simulates his own future, which allows him to plan for things as they come more accurately, which is interesting fun and rare.


very good story I can't help but be amused at how funny and full of chaos yet fast paced and serious the storyline can be at times, it is a good story to pass time or to read in general, the translation is kranki at the start but is still passable if you consider the translation on other storys on webnovel.


it's really good the system is uncanny at first but you'll love it as the chapter pass by but first you need to read atleast 10 chapter that full of freaking info dump then it starts to get better suddenly the translation quality sufddenly drip many things lost in translation like the math bihind the currency it's a mess promise don't mind it