559 Phoenix Harmony! Second Level Divine Power Realm! (4)

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"I'll do it myself!" Yu Xuanji stopped him.

"Can you let her reincarnate?"

"Yes," Han Zhao muttered.

Yu Xuanji took out a light green book robe from her Sumeru Pouch and a purple-green scroll.

Han Zhao's pupils constricted. As soon as Yu Xuanji pulled open the scroll, he felt an extremely powerful Dharma power fluctuation surge towards him. Furthermore, there was another mysterious aura.

"You want to use this only Reincarnation Dharmic Edict on me?" Yu Sheng looked at the scroll.

"Yes," Yu Xuanji replied.

"Senior Sister, even if I reincarnate with my memories, we won't be able to return to the past." Yu Sheng's eyes were filled with mockery.

"I know." Yu Xuanji nodded. "I'm the one who let you down."

Yu Sheng's expression changed slightly. She turned to look at Han Zhao. "What about you? Aren't you afraid that I'll reincarnate and take revenge on you?!"


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