Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

Waking up, Han Zhao transmigrated to a world where the kingdoms competed for supremacy and the demons were rampant. The Divine Warrior Family stood high above the world, and the Spiritual Beast Family overlooked all living beings. The Martial Dao system was broken and declining. Han Zhao had mediocre qualifications but was armed with a prompt simulator. After the kryptonite simulation, he could choose one of three choices: [word], [attribute points], and [life experience]. [You practice martial arts for eight years and barely get started. At twenty-five years old, you marry a wife and have a child. At the age of fifty, you die of illness.] [You have been practicing martial arts for one year and have successfully started. Twenty-two years old, in an open fight between gangs, you are seriously injured and die of poisoning.]   ... [Life Simulation]: Basic entry, simulate future life once. [Blade and Sword Dual Mastery]: White word entry, triple the qualification of blade and sword dao. [Basic Master]: Green entry, double the speed of basic martial arts cultivation, and greatly increases the probability of breaking through the upper limit. [Late Bloomer]: Blue entry, qualification increases with age. [Body Refining Maniac]: Purple entry, a huge breakthrough in cultivating body refining techniques. [Dan Dao Sag]: Orange entry, the qualification of alchemy is increased a hundred times. [Immortal Posture]: Red entry, looks more and more beautiful, and has a charming effect on the opposite sex.   ... [The 72nd level of the Nourishing Health Skill; special effects: strong body (hidden special effects: immortality, sun true astral, nirvana holy body, five-color divine light...)] As long as there were enough entries, the mediocre power and simple and easy-to-learn nourishment techniques could be practiced to become a supreme martial art.

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Extended Lifespan by 60 Years! Requesting to Buy Antidote!

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"As expected, after breaking through with external skills, the attribute points obtained increased too."

Han Zhao's eyes lit up and he focused his attention on the martial arts section.

Martial Arts: Life Nurturing Technique (Second Level Perfection 92%, Upgradeable; Special Effect: Body Strengthening Level 4, Lifespan Extension 10 years)

"Upgrade the Life Nurturing Technique," Han Zhao muttered.

His attribute points dropped from 3 to 2, and the progress of the Life Nurturing Technique also increased to Perfection 100% of the Second Level.

However, when his attributes were depleted by another 1 point, the progress did not change.

"Is this the bottleneck?" Han Zhao raised his eyebrows. "More!"

The last attribute point returned to zero, and the martial arts column became blurry.

Han Zhao's body also changed.

However, it was not as painful as the last time. He felt very comfortable all over his body, and the blood qi in his body surged violently. It rapidly strengthened at a speed that could be sensed, and his muscles became stronger, and his bones became stronger.

Now, the strength of his single arm had probably exceeded 500 catties.

It was equivalent to breaking through the first bottleneck for external cultivation martial artists from the Bone Tempering Realm to the Blood Tempering Realm.

At this moment, the martial arts column gradually became clearer.

Martial Arts: Life Nurturing Technique (Third Level Entry Level 10%, Upgradeable; Special Effect: Body Strengthening Level 5, Life Extension 60 years)

[The new Life Nurturing Technique has already deviated from its original path and become your exclusive cultivation technique. Not bad.]

Looking at the martial arts column and the system notification, Han Zhao was stunned for a moment and could not help but sigh.

"As expected, as a mature cultivation technique, it has to learn to break through on its own."

This breakthrough directly made the Life Nurturing Technique exceed the upper limit of the cultivation method! It instantly increased his lifespan by 50 years.

The [Basic Master] Trait was indeed powerful.

When a martial artist broke through from the Bone Tempering Realm to the Blood Tempering Realm, their lifespan would increase by 20 years.

Whether it was the second Blood Qi Breakthrough or the third Blood Qi Breakthrough, it would not increase one's lifespan.

Only by breaking through to the Force Tempering Realm would his lifespan increase by another 20 years.

This breakthrough increased his lifespan by 50 years, surpassing the two major realms of Blood Tempering and Force Tempering for ordinary martial artists.

The increase in lifespan represented the extension of a martial artist's blood qi at its peak.

A Blood Tempering martial artist would only pass the peak stage of blood qi after reaching 40 years old, while a Force Tempering martial artist would only pass the peak stage after reaching 60 years old.

The blood qi peak was the best stage for a martial artist to break through. It was also the peak of their combat strength.

"In theory, my blood qi peak has been extended by 60 years? I'm afraid this can't continue to be called the Life Nurturing Technique, right?" Han Zhao's eyes widened.

The powerful effect of the [Basic Master] Trait finally appeared. The special effect of the Life Nurturing Technique gradually became ridiculous!

Originally, he still had doubts about dealing with that heretic Blood Tempering martial artist. Now, he felt that he was almost certain.

As long as he made some more preparations, the success rate would be at least 98%.

It was worth the risk.

In the simulation just now, he did not have the additional effect of the [Basic Master] Trait.

The effects of the simulated Third Level Life Nurturing Technique were vastly different.

Although Han Zhao's sword nurturing only lasted about three months in reality and there was no simulation of the two-year sword nurturing process, the power of the Sword Drawing Technique would definitely be much inferior. Now, the Life Nurturing Technique had become stronger.

That heretic Blood Tempering expert was not at the third Blood Qi Breakthrough level in the simulation but at the first breakthrough.

Moreover, the other party was seriously injured. Now was the best time to attack.

"Prepare some powerful antidote first, then investigate."

Han Zhao immediately went out to find Xu Ling.

Medicines that could detoxify Blood Tempering Realm experts were definitely in high demand. Even if one had money, it was difficult to buy them without connections.

The Xu family's trading company was popular in Blackrock City, second only to the Su family's trading company.

If he were to look for Xu Ling, she would definitely be willing to help.


In the inner city.

Han Zhao went to Xu Ling's house and told her why he was there.

"You want to buy some antidote that can be effective on Blood Tempering martial artists?"

Xu Ling was stunned.

Being able to take effect on Blood Tempering Realm martial artists meant that they had to deal with Blood Tempering Realm martial artists who were good at using poison.

What was Junior Brother Han trying to do?

"Yes," Han Zhao said seriously.

Xu Ling frowned slightly. "Junior Martial Brother Han, any antidote that can meet your requirements is priceless. The moment it appears, it will be sold out."

"Previously, the Xu family's trading company encountered a heretic Blood Tempering martial artist. Eldest Senior Brother and another registered elder relied on the antidote to resist the other party's poison path methods and were able to severely injure the other party. However, we have already used up the antidote. Now, the Xu family's trading company has already… Wait!"

Xu Ling seemed to have thought of something and suddenly reacted. She looked at Han Zhao in surprise.

"Junior Brother Han, don't tell me you want to buy the antidote and deal with that heretic Blood Tempering martial artist? Even if the other party is seriously injured, dealing with three to five Bone Tempering martial artists is not a problem. Don't be rash!"

"Senior Sister Xu, don't worry. I have a clearer understanding of myself. I won't act on impulse." Han Zhao laughed.

"I'm asking for it on behalf of someone else, but it's not convenient for me to reveal who that person is and his specific use. I'm really sorry."

When Xu Ling heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, "This… I can't guarantee that I'll be able to buy it. I can only do my best."

As she spoke, Xu Ling added, "There are many types of poison-resistant medicines, but they are all different in weight. Do you need those that are targeted at specific poisons, or do they have a poison-resistant effect on most poisons? The former is very weak against non-specific poisons, while the latter requires a buffer period."

Han Zhao said, "I only know that that poison will paralyze the body and stagnate the blood qi."

"Looks like the person who asked you to help really has to deal with that heretic Blood Tempering martial artist."

Xu Ling stared at Han Zhao with a burning gaze.

Han Zhao smiled but didn't say anything.

"Alright, I won't ask anymore." Xu Ling nodded. "However, the price of this antidote is very high. Even if it can only last for about ten breaths, it will still cost more than a hundred taels of silver."

"Can I make an advance payment to the Xu family in name? Or I can owe it first. I'll definitely pay it back within three months!" Han Zhao was a little embarrassed. He only had a few taels of silver left on him and couldn't even pay the deposit.

However, the fees of the various factions added up to ten taels a month.

Even if he really couldn't find that heretic Blood Tempering martial artist, it shouldn't be a problem for him to earn 100 taels of silver in the next three months.

If he could kill that heretic Blood Tempering martial artist and receive a bounty of 500 taels of silver, he would be able to return the money immediately.

"Junior Martial Brother Han, this is a special treatment for you~" Xu Ling blinked her eyes and angrily said, "If someone else were to say this to me, I really want to ask him where he got his guts from."

"Thank you, Senior Sister Xu!" Han Zhao smiled.

"I'll ask Su Yun for help. The Su family's trading company has connections in the field of medicinal herbs. They should be able to buy the antidote you need as soon as possible." Xu Ling waved her hand, indicating that there was no need for him to do this. Then, she stood up.

"I'll go now."

She didn't doubt Han Zhao's words. Someone probably wanted to deal with that heretic Blood Tempering martial artist and asked Junior Brother Han for help.

As for Junior Brother Han taking the risk to deal with a Blood Tempering martial artist, she thought about it and threw it to the back of her mind.

It was unrealistic.

With that, Xu Ling left the courtyard and headed for the Su family's residence.