35 Cultivating the Blood Spirit Policy

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Han Zhao waited in the wilderness until the sky was bright before returning to Blackrock City.

After all, it would be too conspicuous to return at night.

When he got home, he placed the birdcage in the corner and went out to find a small restaurant to eat.

After eating his fill, he went home, locked the door, lay down on the bed, and fell asleep.

Recently, in order to deal with Blood Tempering martial artists, he had been tense, especially when he visited the Flying Dragon Stockade last night. It was his first time facing a Blood Tempering Realm martial artist.

When he woke up, the sky outside the window was already dyed red by the sunset.

Han Zhao got up and took out the Blood Spirit Policy to read it carefully.

As he focused, his attention was gradually attracted by the pattern on the secret manual.

After an unknown period of time, the sky had completely darkened.

At this moment, Han Zhao noticed that there was another line of information in the martial arts column on his attribute panel.

Martial Arts: Blood Spirit Policy (First Level Below Entry Level, Upgradeable)

"I'm not as short of money as before. Instead, I don't have enough Yin energy." Han Zhao frowned slightly and got off the bed. He took out the Essence Soul Bead from the hidden compartment of the floor tile.

At this moment, the color of the Essence Soul Bead was not dark black. There was very little Yin energy inside. It probably could not even support the consumption of 10 notifications.

However, Han Zhao had already accumulated 16 notifications. He was only four notifications away from simulating it.

The Yin energy accumulated by the Essence Soul Bead was barely enough.

After Han Zhao absorbed all the Yin energy inside, he focused his attention on the furniture in the room.

Soon, he had gathered four useless notifications.

However, it was precisely because it was useless that it consumed very little Yin energy.

[20 Notification Fragments have been collected. Do you want to synthesize the Trait?]

[Synthesized once. Consumed 20 Notification Fragments and 5 taels of gold. You will definitely obtain a one-time Basic Trait, Life Simulation. The probability of obtaining a White Trait will increase by 4%. The probability of obtaining a Green Trait will increase by 3%. The probability of obtaining a Blue Trait will increase by 1%.]

"The price has increased again!"

As the Life Nurturing Technique broke through to the Third Level, the amount of gold needed for the simulation increased.

However, along with the increase, there was also the probability of obtaining a Trait. Furthermore, the probability of obtaining the White Trait and Green Trait directly increased by 2%.

"Yes," Han Zhao said in his heart.

Looking at the Notification Fragments being used, Han Zhao kept thinking that he had to obtain more Yin energy.

With this thought in mind, it could affect his actions in the simulation.

[Obtained one-time Basic Trait 'Life Simulation'. Do you want to start the simulation?]


[18 years old. Your Life Nurturing Technique broke through to the Third Level. Your strength improved greatly.]

[You killed a Blood Tempering martial artist as Song Que. Your reputation spread far and wide.]

[You returned the money you owed Xu Ling.]

[Eight months later, the joint caravan of the Xu, Su, and Zhang families escorted goods to Jade Wind City. Each of the three families sent two Blood Tempering Realm martial artists to lead the team.]

[Xu Ling wanted to contact Song Que through you and invite him to participate in the escort mission. You said that you would discuss it with Song Que.]

[After some thought, 'Song Que' refused to participate in the escort mission.]

[Half a month later, bad news came. The three caravans suffered heavy casualties. Only the Xu family's Blood Tempering Realm martial artist brought Xu Ling back to Blackrock City. The two of them were seriously injured and fell unconscious as soon as they returned.]

[When you went to visit, you discovered that Xu Ling and the Xu family's Blood Tempering martial artist were shrouded in Yin energy.]

[When Xu Ling woke up, you asked around and found out that the caravan was attacked by monsters in a small village in the wilderness. Before you could ask for more details, Xu Ling died.]

[Since this involved the source of the Yin energy, you decided to investigate it personally.]

[Half a month later, you found the small village that Xu Ling described. On the surface, the village looked normal. You decided to enter the village to check.]

[At night, you discovered a dense Yin aura in the village. You were attacked and surrounded.]

[You wanted to escape from the village, but you realized that you were walking in circles.]

[In the end, you died of exhaustion from the monster attacks.]

[The simulation is over. You can choose one of the following.]

[1: Obtain Trait (Not Selectable)]

[2: Obtained attribute points]

[3: Obtain any part of the life experience.]

[Current Balance: 26 taels of gold]

"Xu Ling died! The caravan led by six Blood Tempering Realm martial artists only had two people return?"

Looking at the information displayed in the simulation, Han Zhao was shocked.

The village where the Yin energy accumulated was indeed terrifying. Even he was trapped inside!

"I've found an additional source of the Yin energy, but it's too dangerous. What should I do?" Han Zhao pondered.

According to the speed at which the Essence Soul Bead accumulated Yin energy, he could attempt the simulation twice a year at most.

He probably wouldn't be able to use up the remaining 26 taels of gold in the next two to three years because the Notification Fragments weren't enough.

Furthermore, the number of Notification Fragments required for the simulation would increase.

If he headed to the village where the Yin energy accumulated, he should be able to let the Essence Soul Bead absorb a large amount of Yin energy.

"Since the Xu family's Blood Tempering martial artist could come out alive, it means that the village isn't an absolute place of death."

"As long as I'm prepared and stronger than him, it shouldn't be a problem for me to retreat unscathed."

"In any case, there's an eight-month buffer. I can do another simulation later. If the next simulation results are very bad, it won't be too late to give up."

Thinking of this, Han Zhao's attention returned to the system interface.

[Option 1] was not available.

Then there was nothing to hesitate about.

As long as he increased his strength and passed the strange village, he would be able to obtain a large amount of Yin energy.


[Attribute Points +3]

Martial Arts: Blood Spirit Policy (First Level Below Entry Level, Upgradeable), Life Nurturing Technique (Third Level Entry Level 10%, Upgradeable)

Looking at the martial arts column, Han Zhao finally focused his attention on the Blood Spirit Policy and the Life Nurturing Technique.

There were still eight months before the three caravans delivered the goods. He definitely could not improve the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique because Lu Yi would check his progress in the middle. It was too heaven-defying to rely on the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique to break through to the Blood Tempering Realm at the age of 18.

Moreover, three attribute points might not be enough to allow the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique to break through to the Third Level.

After all, when he was at the Second Level of the Life Nurturing Technique, he used 2 attribute points to break through the bottleneck.

According to the previous improvement progress, three attribute points were probably not enough to allow the Life Nurturing Technique to reach Small Mastery. After all, the current Life Nurturing Technique had already broken through the upper limit.

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhao decided to cultivate the Blood Spirit Policy.

After all, the completion of the First Level could double one's blood qi. It was clearly better than the Life Nurturing Technique.

"Let's try it!"

Han Zhao gritted his teeth and made a decision.

"Use 1 attribute point to increase the Blood Spirit Policy."

The system interface shook, and the three attribute points became two.

Martial Arts: Blood Spirit Policy (First Level Small Mastery 55%, Upgradeable; Special Effect: Blood Transformation Level 1)

"This progress should be enough." Han Zhao's eyes lit up as he muttered, "Upgrade the Blood Spirit Policy."

When the 2 attribute points returned to zero, the martial arts column quickly became blurry and gradually became clear.

Martial Arts: Blood Spirit Policy (First Level Perfected 95%, Upgradeable; Special Effect: Blood Transformation Level 2; Mind Control Level 1)

"95%? That's not bad." Han Zhao raised his eyebrows as he looked at the martial arts column.

This was a cultivation technique that could double blood qi, so he had never thought that he could directly break through the upper limit with 3 attribute points.

He was still 5% away from 100%.

"Let's test the effect." Han Zhao calmed down and circulated the Blood Spirit Policy.

On the surface of his originally fair skin, his meridians suddenly protruded, and blood-colored patterns that were like spiderwebs appeared.

"My blood qi has increased by nearly half, and the circulation speed has also increased significantly. This can increase the cultivation speed of the Life Nurturing Technique and increase the explosive power of my true qi."

The increase in his blood qi was also a comprehensive increase in his strength.

This Blood Spirit Policy secret technique was not bad.


At this moment, a cry suddenly came from the birdcage in the corner.

Han Zhao's eyes lit up.

Since the Blood Spirit Policy could control wild beasts, there was a ready-made one.

A bird that could fly, even if it did not have any combat strength, could still be of great use as a scout.

Han Zhao got off the bed, lifted the birdcage, and placed it on the table.

He opened the cage and grabbed the rooster.

As if sensing Han Zhao's "malicious intent", the rooster in the cage suddenly shut its mouth, and its eyes revealed a frightened expression.

"Clang!" Han Zhao drew his Frost Saber.

Looking at the approaching Frost Saber, the rooster trembled in Han Zhao's palm.

Han Zhao was stunned. He smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll be very gentle. It won't hurt at all."

He used the blade to gently scratch a small hole in the rooster's claw before circulating the Blood Spirit Policy.

The blood that flowed into his palm quickly seeped into its body.

Soon, Han Zhao felt a mixture of resistance and fear. The source was the rooster in his hand.

The feeling of blood connection appeared.

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