Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

Waking up, Han Zhao transmigrated to a world where the kingdoms competed for supremacy and the demons were rampant. The Divine Warrior Family stood high above the world, and the Spiritual Beast Family overlooked all living beings. The Martial Dao system was broken and declining. Han Zhao had mediocre qualifications but was armed with a prompt simulator. After the kryptonite simulation, he could choose one of three choices: [word], [attribute points], and [life experience]. [You practice martial arts for eight years and barely get started. At twenty-five years old, you marry a wife and have a child. At the age of fifty, you die of illness.] [You have been practicing martial arts for one year and have successfully started. Twenty-two years old, in an open fight between gangs, you are seriously injured and die of poisoning.]   ... [Life Simulation]: Basic entry, simulate future life once. [Blade and Sword Dual Mastery]: White word entry, triple the qualification of blade and sword dao. [Basic Master]: Green entry, double the speed of basic martial arts cultivation, and greatly increases the probability of breaking through the upper limit. [Late Bloomer]: Blue entry, qualification increases with age. [Body Refining Maniac]: Purple entry, a huge breakthrough in cultivating body refining techniques. [Dan Dao Sag]: Orange entry, the qualification of alchemy is increased a hundred times. [Immortal Posture]: Red entry, looks more and more beautiful, and has a charming effect on the opposite sex.   ... [The 72nd level of the Nourishing Health Skill; special effects: strong body (hidden special effects: immortality, sun true astral, nirvana holy body, five-color divine light...)] As long as there were enough entries, the mediocre power and simple and easy-to-learn nourishment techniques could be practiced to become a supreme martial art.

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Basic Diagram and Third Blood Qi Breakthrough

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Lu Yi brought Han Zhao to his bedroom.

He looked outside and closed the door after confirming that no one was around.

"Before I teach you the second move of the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique, Stacking Waves, remember the incantation first. Then, I'll teach you the basic diagram."

Lu Yi began to tell Han Zhao the incantation word by word.

Han Zhao listened carefully.

After confirming that Han Zhao had memorized the incantation, Lu Yi took out a folded green paper from the inner lining of his shirt and carefully opened it.

"This is the basic diagram. Calm down and focus on it."

Han Zhao looked over. On the green paper was a pitch-black mountain. At first glance, it looked like a child's scribble. It was just a lump of ink.

[Use your imagination when looking at the color diagram. Disperse your thoughts. Focus on the inside and not the outside. Focus on the mind and not the form!]

A system notification appeared.

Han Zhao calmed down.

He continued to read, and a suppressed viciousness gradually arose in his heart. He had a feeling that he could not help but explode.

[Imagining the state of emptiness, one's heart is as clear as ice, and nothing can shock one.]

Han Zhao realized that the scene was gradually changing. The trees, rocks, and flowers on the mountain peak were clearly visible. A river that circled the mountain was flowing non-stop. He seemed to hear the sound of water flowing and the cries of birds.

His mind gradually calmed down.

After a long time, he came back to his senses.

"This is the first time you're looking directly at the basic diagram. You didn't suffer any negative effects. Not bad." Lu Yi smiled and put away the visualization diagram.

Then, he reached for the saber at Han Zhao's waist.


"Remembering the saber technique should be the simplest thing for you. When you look at the basic diagram later, remember to recall the saber technique." Lu Yi took out his saber and explained to Han Zhao.

When he raised the Frost Saber in front of him, he realized that there were two obvious cracks on the blade.

"It seems that it hasn't been easy for you during this period of time. You've already seen blood, right?" Lu Yi looked deeply at Han Zhao and continued, "In the future, come to my place every few days to look at the basic diagram. Don't let others discover it. When you practice your saber, you have to imagine the concept of the basic diagram. You have to remember the thickness of the mountains and the agility of the flowing water. The latter is especially important."

"Yes, Teacher Lu," Han Zhao said seriously.

"By the way, did you see the flowing water when you looked at the basic diagram just now?" Lu Yi suddenly slapped his head.

"Yes," Han Zhao answered truthfully.

"Good, very good!" Lu Yi's face was filled with joy. He was very satisfied with Han Zhao.

Among the disciples he had taught in the past, only a few could see flowing water when observing the basic diagram at the Bone Tempering Realm.

"Kid, let me tell you. Outsiders think that the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique emphasizes explosive power, just like the Mountain Shaking Fist. In fact, the true characteristic of the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique is that it's layered. It's like a wave that continues to erupt." Lu Yi continued.

"Continuous explosion?" Han Zhao was stunned.

The martial arts he was currently cultivating erupted instantly. It was the same for the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique and the Life Nurturing Technique's true qi.

[It's fast, strong, and lasting. It suits you very well.]

"When you've completely comprehended the basic diagram and imprinted the heavy conception of the mountains into your mind, you'll be able to enter the Blood Tempering Realm. After that, you'll be able to imprint the agile conception of flowing water in your mind. At that time, you'll have a chance to grasp Internal Force. Finally, you'll be able to imagine the conception of the waves in your mind. At that time, you'll reach the Greater Mastery stage of the Mountain Splitting Force," Lu Yi explained.

"Then, Master Lu, have you reached the Greater Mastery stage of the Mountain Splitting Force?" Han Zhao asked curiously.

"No." Lu Yi sighed. "I got close when I was young, but I failed in the end."

Han Zhao could tell that there was a story behind this, but he didn't ask further.

"All the disciples I taught in the past who cultivated the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique stopped at the Bone Tempering Realm. It's not that the Mountain Splitting Saber Technique isn't good, but they can't progress! At least at the Bone Tempering Realm to the Blood Tempering Realm, comprehension is more important than foundation."

Lu Yi felt a little helpless.

Then, he changed the topic. "But you might have the chance."

[Your comprehension isn't good either, but you can charge money.]

"I'll work hard," Han Xiao said.

He thought of the Internal Force that Lu Yi had used to force him back in the kitchen and could not help but ask, "Master Lu, what is Internal Force?"

"Internal Force… It's a little early for you, but since you asked, I'll tell you." Lu Yi pondered for a moment, walked to the square table in the room, and placed his hand on it.

Han Zhao's gaze was fixed on Lu Yi. However, when he gently pressed his palm on the table, it seemed like he did not use any strength at all. The tea set on the table seemed to be pulled by a strong force and was sent flying.

Lu Yi caught it with his hand and held the tea tray.

It's a little like the Internal Force in martial arts dramas, but it's also different. Han Zhao thought to himself. The true qi he was cultivating now was tangible, and the Internal Force Lu Yi used was more like an invisible force.

'Could it be that Internal Force cultivation methods and true qi cultivation methods complement each other?'

Han Zhao suddenly had this thought.

Lu Yi turned around and said, "Do you see that? This is Internal Force."

"What else can it do? Can it be more detailed?" Han Zhao was even more curious.

"No." Lu Yi shook his head. "Internal Force is Internal Force."

With that, Lu Yi added, "Since you've already said Internal Force, I'll tell you the key points of the Blood Tempering Realm."

'You didn't say anything!' Han Zhao was helpless.

"The so-called Blood Tempering Realm, as the name implies, is to strengthen blood qi. If you want to strengthen blood qi, you have to first comprehend the basic diagram, secondly, you have to train at a higher level, and thirdly, you have to eat better food and drink more nourishing medicinal soup.

"This is also the reason why Blood Tempering martial artists are basically either from large factions or rely on large factions. Martial arts burn money!"

Lu Yi said unhurriedly, "Skin Tempering Realm martial artists are stronger than ordinary people, but they are still in the category of ordinary people. Bone Tempering Realm martial artists are slightly better and can be considered experts. They can be the leader of small gangs and are considered middle-level combatants in large factions. However, they can only be considered true martial arts experts when they reach the Blood Tempering Realm. The Blood Tempering Realm is divided into three small levels…"

"Three small levels?" Han Zhao waited curiously for him to continue.

"Breaking through from the Bone Tempering Realm to the Blood Tempering Realm is the first Blood Qi Breakthrough. At that time, your blood qi will increase by one to two times.

It was the same for the second and third Blood Qi Breakthroughs.

The blood qi would be transformed into a specific Blood Imprint according to different cultivation techniques during the breakthrough. This Blood Imprint would be the key to transforming it into Internal Force in the future.

The more Blood Imprints there were, the stronger they were, and the more difficult it would be to break through. However, the Internal Force after the breakthrough would also be stronger.

"Generally speaking, after reaching the second Blood Qi Breakthrough, there is a chance to form an initial stage of Internal Force and then try to grasp Internal Force."

At this point, Lu Yi suddenly sighed.

"Back then, I chose to grasp Internal Force when I was in the second Blood Qi Breakthrough. It's really too late for regrets! The Mountain Splitting Saber Technique is not a top-notch cultivation method after all. Every time my blood qi broke through, it couldn't reach twice the growth. Without the third Blood Qi Breakthrough, it affected me too much in the future!"

"So the more Blood Imprints you have, the stronger you will become after grasping Internal Force. Teacher Lu, why were you in such a hurry to break through?" Han Zhao did not understand. Since Lu Yi could grasp Internal Force, his foundation must be quite good.

"I attained the first Blood Qi Breakthrough at the age of nineteen, and the second at the age of twenty-one. Because I was competing with someone over a woman, I broke through in advance. Back then, I was confident that my foundation was high, so I thought that even if I grasped Internal Force in advance, I could use my talent to replenish my missing blood qi in the future. I didn't expect, sigh~"

Lu Yi sighed again.

[Women will only affect the speed at which you draw your saber and the efficiency at charging money. Except for rich women!]

Han Zhao was silent. He did not expect Lu Yi to have such a past. He had already imagined the scene of Lu Yi losing his sweetheart.

"However, I did marry someone I liked because of this. I even had two daughters with her." Lu Yi changed the topic.

Han Zhao: "…"

"Unfortunately, she was injured in her early years and her injuries recurred. She passed away a few years ago. My youngest daughter has a grudge against me because of this matter. A few years ago, she followed an old friend of mine to the capital, Yuan Chang City."

Lu Yi could not help but sigh.

"Punk, train hard. If you make a name for yourself in the future, I'll marry my youngest daughter to you."

Lu Yi patted Han Zhao's shoulder and started to tempt him.

"Master Lu, I'm only 18 years old," Han Zhao reminded him.

Although what Lu Yi said in the simulation had come true, reality and simulation were not the same things.

Judging from Lu Yi's facial features, he was not ugly when he was young. However, unless his wife was especially beautiful, his daughter might be dragged down by his looks.

Of course, Han Zhao was not a superficial person. He just liked beautiful women with substance.

The most important thing was Lu Yi's age. Even if he had a daughter at the age of 40, she should be in her twenties now.

Lu Yi's expression turned serious. "Yingxuan is only 21 years old. As the saying goes, an older woman makes a better wife! Do you understand? If you can't grasp Internal Force, don't even think about this!"

"Of course." Han Zhao went along with him and took the initiative to change the topic. "Let's talk about the Blood Qi Breakthrough. Since the stronger the Blood Imprint, the stronger it will be after grasping Internal Force, can we practice a few more cultivation methods? Increase the total amount of Blood Imprint?"

"That's true. That's why I even cultivated the Mountain Shaking Force back then. However, the human body has a limit. If I cultivate more, I will be distracted and will even disperse the Blood Imprint, causing the purity of the Blood Imprint of a single cultivation method to be insufficient. If I can't greatly increase the total amount of Blood Imprint, it will increase the difficulty of breaking through."

"Back then, I didn't wait for the third Blood Qi Breakthrough before grasping Internal Force, causing my Mountain Splitting Force and Mountain Shaking Force to be incomplete. It has always been my regret."

"However, it's also thanks to the two Internal Forces that I was able to make a name for myself in Blackrock City. It's not easy to live well in this world."

Lu Yi explained in a deep voice.

Han Zhao strongly agreed with Lu Yi's words.

He would be distracted if he practiced more, but he was not afraid.

He had to work hard first. If he couldn't break through, he would add points.

Since the stronger the cultivation method, the more blood qi one had after breaking through and the stronger the Blood Imprint, it was very necessary to let the Life Nurturing Technique breakthrough first.

This was because breaking through to the Life Nurturing Technique could also increase blood qi.

If the effect of the [Basic Master] Trait could really allow the Life Nurturing Technique to break through the upper limit, he might be able to break through the limits of the human body and go further!

As for cultivating other cultivation methods, it depended on the situation.

If the situation allowed, he could practice the Mountain Shaking Fist together. After all, they were cultivation techniques of the same origin.

However, he could not mention it now. Lu Yi would definitely not agree. He would wait until he broke through to the Life Nurturing Technique.

With this thought in mind, Han Zhao felt that he really needed a lot of blood qi.

"Work hard. I have high hopes for you," Lu Yi said seriously. His words were completely sincere. With Han Zhao's cultivation speed, if he gave him some support, the possibility of breaking through to the Blood Tempering Realm was not small. There was also a slight possibility of grasping Internal Force.


"In the future, you can move freely during the day. Just ensure the intensity of the training. If necessary, come to the martial arts school at night. I'll teach you alone."

"Thank you, Teacher Lu." Han Zhao bowed respectfully.