LIFE: Phantom Slayers Book

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LIFE: Phantom Slayers


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Ren Kai's normal life was thrown into turmoil when voices and horrific sights started plaguing him. What made it worse was the fact that he was the only one that could see and hear them. Influenced by the constant torture he endured from the mysterious voice echoing in his thoughts. He developed a severe case of depression, was considered crazy by his friends, and was abandoned to his fate. Reaching his breaking point, he attempted to kill himself to rid himself of the voice and horrific sight which tormented him. Just when he was about to meet his end, he was saved by a breach that had torn into the natural reality, transporting him to a secret base, hidden from the rest of the world–L.I.F.E (Liberation of Insidious Foreign Entities) Agency. The ironic agency constitutes supernatural agents who had unlocked abilities(Sui) after overcoming the traumatic influence of the same voice which had plagued Ren. They are trained to fight phantoms created from the horrors of people called 'targets' and purify their troubled hearts before they are visible and wreak havoc on the natural world. Equipped with the Venator system, he is granted the Sui of blood manipulation, telekinesis, and telepathy–the recipe for disaster known by the agency. To maintain the balance of the natural world, they are dragged into mysterious deaths, supernatural forces, and sacrifices. One goal in mind– the only one which could bring an end to all supernatural occurrences from escalating. [Find Sū]