Life Of A Young Author

Klein, a high schooler who has been locking himself in his room ever since he lost his best friend. His mother never bothered pushing him to go to school. Since he had nothing to do, he started writing novels online. He got a lot of 5 stars reviews but somehow his book is never 5 stars! He needs to look for the comment with no 5 stars! He continued writing until his fifth book was published online. Suddenly, a reader of his reaches out to him and wishes him luck with his new book. It was normal to him but when he checked the person’s account, he saw their past comments. Turns out they had commented a lot on his book and he reads every comment written by them. He was shocked to find the person pointing out his mistake and their opinion on his book. Not a full 5 stars review! Never once he felt hurt by review until this person appears. K: Do you mind if I offer you to be my assistant. K.DMed.ME: O.O? And that...is how Klein made his first friend. ~ Warning: Contain(s): slight bl Not so good English triggering topics ~ Criticism are welcome in the comment section!

ShoRin · Teen
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104 Chs


"Good morning."

"Make sure to study hard today. I knew your brother brought you out when you were supposed to study."

Jamie stands up from his seat, food that was served didn't even get touched by him. His mother despite his brother too much and he thinks it doesn't make sense.

"...Why do I need to study so much…brother just wanted me to relax after your torture-"

Her hand slapped Jamie's face as loud as she could. This alerts the maids around to call for Jake, Jamie's older brother. Jake ran downstairs and hugged his brother from their mother.

"Mom. Are you really doing this again?"

"I have come this far to get here. I will not lose my place in this house"


Jamie pushes his brother to the side and walks to get his bag from the maid. When he walked out, he went to a nearby playground and sat on the swing. He did not have the mood to be the strict President who goes to school early.

He's tired.

"I'm tired.

Why can't she let me rest?

My head hurts too much…

…It hurts."

He envies his brother who can do anything he wants. If he wants to lead a high school gang because he's so bored, no one can stop him. If he becomes a professional boxer? No one judges him.

He was the son of the kind CEO, Mr Ren and his mother was the first wife of Mr Ren that he loves so much. Jamie's mother is just a second wife who got her place in the house because of Jamie.

Believe it or not, his mother successfully makes Mr Ren drunk and gets herself pregnant.

"Her luck is too much…"

But since his father says that if Jamie is useless for the family, his mother will be kicked out with him. His mother had to make sure he's not some idiot illegitimate kid. He had to be smarter than anyone else.

His mother forced him to the point where he once fainted after studying too much.

Jake is the only reason he's still sane.

If he didn't exist, his mother wouldn't get to live in this house and stay at her place as a lowlife maid. Also, his brother and father could have a better wife and mother. He stays there…staring at the dark cloud.

Rain started to pour out and he got a text from Woo Young.

Woo: Hey Jamie! Well, we don't know you're absent today. Are you at home?

He stands up and runs to school. Don't know why, but he felt bad when Woo Young asked about his whereabouts. When he reached there, it was already lunch time, probably. He found his friends eating at Class E, third year classroom with Edward.

"Jamie?" Louis called out which made everyone to look at the soaked guy.


"Hey. I was about to smoke some candy. Want one?"

They all look at Klein and the author shows his collection of sweets that looks like cigarettes. Jamie smiles and take one from Klein.

"You know, you are better when you shut up."

They all look at Klein who's biting all the candy while looking at the window. Seems like he's ignoring humanity again after doing what he wanted to do. This guy can change so fast that they're not sure what even his motive are.

"Hey, hey! Let's go to that one fortune telling place that just opened! It was popular because people said it's the real deal!" Han said.

"No. It'll be a waste of money. Besides, I already knew my fortune."

Woo Young pouts and pulls Klein's arms.

"Come on! I will pay! And we want to know from our own ears! You can come, right, Hana and Jamie?"

Both of them nod and they all now look at Klein. Like he said, he already knew his fortune, which is…the god hates him so much that he gave this much bad luck where he can't even get some sleep after school.


"Welcome! Oh my, you guys are quite a lot."

"I will pay for everyone! Spill everything about all of us!"

The woman smiles and lets them sit. Then, she pointed to Woo Young first. Well, it's fine since she's paying anyway. If this is a fraud, no one lose money except her.

"You…you're hiding your true ability aren't you?"


"Your intelligence level should be the same as these two guys. In future, you might get to achieve your dream and marry a handsome guy who is always loyal to you since the first time you guys meet."

They're shocked at the fact that Woo Young is actually smart like Louis and Jamie. Well, knowing Klein, he's not surprised at everything that does not include him.


"Mhm~ Now, this girl…She's going to be a good mother of two daughters! She will be married to someone who's in love with her currently and she might actually be a model! You will make more money because of your career!"

Hana blushes at the statement. She wanted to be a doctor for money but if she really get to be a model, she would still work hard.


Edward saw the woman pointing at him.

"Your love for this certain someone is too strong. You'll be a great husband. Also, your future…you might be too busy after your business becomes popular. I suggest you study more business if you want it to be more successful."

"No thanks."

Hana chuckles at Edward's answer. They knew the woman was going to Han next.

"You…a loyal human being. You will have a billionaire wife so take care of her."

Everyone looks at Han in jealousy.

"Also, your future job is pretty normal. You will work in the office but no worries, you got a good lover there. Your life should be easy."

Han is curious about his future wife while blushing. Louis saw the woman look at him and he prepared himself mentally. He's ready to know whatever he's going to have in the future.

"Hm, you have an interesting way to attract people. Maybe right now there's a girl that has a crush on you. You won't have any problem looking for a love life but based on how I see you, you have someone you like already, don't you?"

"This is too accurate. Are you sure this is not fraud-"

"In the future, you will marry a girl that has been chasing you for too long! You will be a teacher who's loved by many! Make sure you mentally prepare to face the teenagers."

Finally, Jamie. He didn't really expect anything because he already knew his fate. Becoming what he doesn't want to be…god really hates him that much.

"You. You will be a good doctor."

Jamie looked up in shock. This doesn't make sense to him. Wasn't he going to be the person his mother wanted him to be? The next CEO of the top company.

"You are good in any field but being a doctor is more suitable for you. Go for it kid."

They all look at Klein while Klein stares at the woman with his blank face.

"...You. Better think twice about what you're about to do."


Woo Young: That's really weird…

Klein: I guess, I have to think twice before deciding to go to school or not

Han: Please stop. Everyone knows she's not talking about that.