Life Of A Young Author

Klein, a high schooler who has been locking himself in his room ever since he lost his best friend. His mother never bothered pushing him to go to school. Since he had nothing to do, he started writing novels online. He got a lot of 5 stars reviews but somehow his book is never 5 stars! He needs to look for the comment with no 5 stars! He continued writing until his fifth book was published online. Suddenly, a reader of his reaches out to him and wishes him luck with his new book. It was normal to him but when he checked the person’s account, he saw their past comments. Turns out they had commented a lot on his book and he reads every comment written by them. He was shocked to find the person pointing out his mistake and their opinion on his book. Not a full 5 stars review! Never once he felt hurt by review until this person appears. K: Do you mind if I offer you to be my assistant. K.DMed.ME: O.O? And that...is how Klein made his first friend. ~ Warning: Contain(s): slight bl Not so good English triggering topics ~ Criticism are welcome in the comment section!

ShoRin · Teen
Not enough ratings
104 Chs


Waking up from his sleep, Klein was blind for a few seconds by his computer's brightness. He heard his mother knocking on his door right before she left for her work. He opened the door and saw a plate of normal breakfast. He stares at it before picking it up and bringing it to his room.

He has been requesting a lot of instant noodles everyday and today is the first time his mom cooks a normal breakfast for him after these past few months. He knew his mother tried to push him to be healthy which made the boy look at his reflection in his mirror.

He's not overweight but the opposite. He's almost underweight. He slowly lifted his fork and ate the egg. Chewing for a while, he finally swallowed it. After a few seconds, he ran to his bathroom and puked a bit. He sighs and steps out of his room.

He finally did something rare and when he saw a cup of instant noodles, he took boiling water and poured it. He brought it back to his room and started eating while watching a video online. His mind thought of something else though.

He keeps thinking about the boy who left him for eight month now. When he saw a scene from the video playing in front of him, he put his noodles down and wrote something on his notebook. He finally found a perfect way to write a new chapter after getting inspiration from both the video and what he thought.

When he starts writing, the room becomes silent and all he can hear is the sound of his keyboard being pressed. He intends to write one chapter but for some reason, it ends up with three chapters instead.

An author never follows their plan, his friends said.

He agrees with the statement in his case.

He publishes it and checks the time. He sighs knowing how fast the time flies as always. He heard his mother unlock the front door and knock on his door to collect his dishes. He gave it and his mother's eyes showed sad emotion when she saw his breakfast being touched only once.

She glances at her son and holds his hand. Looking at her child, she's scared one day he will get sick by living like this. Her son even refuses to tell her anything which makes her worried more. Klein closed the door and checked on his book review.

'Oh. 3 stars?'

eatHunger: I just want to collect point and your story sucks.

'...At least write a better review. What part sucks to you? Point it you dumbass.'

He scrolled down and saw a random contest. He wanted to join it for fun because why not? When he created a bad book cover and gave it a random name, he goes to his writer's block and starts thinking of an idea. He looked back through his memories and again, he thought about the boy.

His hand reaches for his keyboard and he spends his evening writing five chapters. He tapped his fingers on the table and thought for a while. He's not updating a lot these days on his other book. Should he publish this one?

'Screw people I want to satisfy myself.'

He published it and got a message from one of his social media accounts. He can see that person is his fans because…well, because of their username. You could see it's kind of a funny nickname and their profile picture is his book cover.

K.ILoveMin: Hey K! I saw your new book! Wish you good luck for the new book! I know you won't read this but I always follow you! I have read your book since the first book was published! My username on the app is Han.Han! I think you never notice my comment but if you do, thanks for noticing!

Klein stares at 'Han' username. Min is a supporting character that Klein killed in his second story right when it's chapter 8. Surprisingly, Min is popular and people curse at him for killing Min. They still give him 5 stars though.

He searched for Han on the reading app and saw his profile. The app is interesting because if you comment on any books, it will be shown on your profile. Klein scrolled and saw his book being comment by Han a lot.

Han.Han: His mother is 35 right? You wrote it wrong here.

Han.Han: We still never knew about her secret. I want to know! NOW!

Han.Han: It seems like you forgot how to spell dodge ball.

Review: 3.5/5

Han.Han: The author has written a third book and I am not hating it! The plot is interesting! I am glad to see him improving a lot but the author keeps forgetting sometimes TwT Also check your writing. Sometimes there's a spelling mistake! Use spelling checking apps or something! Don't worry author, no matter what happened to the story, I knew you did your best to fix every chapter by reading the review! I can see that when you almost f** up, you change it immediately! ^^ good try but my eyes are faster than your hands. Also, your description always draws people to read your book which is awesome! Now, focus on your writing!

Klein squinted his eyes before rereading everything. He even grabs his glasses. He went to his computer and looked up for spelling checker apps or whatever this person said. He installed it and reread his book. Hm right, he always forgot to explain what happened to the character that was forgotten.

When he checks his phone again, he scrolls to find more reviews from that person. He smirks and starts reading them one by one. It's crazy to find a review longer than normal people. To Klein, this person is a novel lover for real. They gave a serious review and critiqued him a lot.

It pissed him off that he had thrown his phone on his bed. He never once scrolled through his reader account for so long until this person existed. If he meets them in real life, he will cry in front of them. Why crying?

He didn't know what he was thinking.

He went back to his social media and wrote a short text to Han.

K: Do you mind if I offer you to be my assistant.

He saw that person change their username which made him sweat.

K.DMed.ME: O.O?