28 Pendant

Fang Yan's body shook as a cracking sound echoed throughout the mountains. His eyes were fixed on the glowing black stone as he staggered backward.

"Im..possible," he mumbled, unable to comprehend what had transpired.

When he noticed that the glow on the rock had faded, his gaze was drawn to the Young Man in front of him.

He couldn't believe the man in the mask was as talented as him. He knew that he had held back when he poured his energy into the rock. He thought that violet-level talent would be enough to terrify the man in front of him.

But what could he possibly do now? He can't say he hid his talent, can he? His eyes could even detect a hint of greed in some of those present. He lacked the background to stand up to these people. As his mind raced for the solution, a mellow voice from the man reached his ears.

"Are you satisfied now? Or do you want me to prove it again?"

Despite the softness of the voice, he felt as if someone had pricked his heart with a sharp needle. His gaze was drawn back to the man in front of him, whose blue eyes were visible through the mask. He was staring at him with a slight smile on his face.

He felt uneasy all over as if someone was peering into his soul. He couldn't forget the moment when he first saw this man; that Demon-like stare was still fresh in his mind.

Anxiety filled his heart, and as he unconsciously bit his lips, he could feel that all eyes were on him, waiting for his response. He closed his eyes for a split second before scanning the surrounding crowd.

Finally, with his dark eyes fixed on the man in front of him, he took a deep breath and said,

"I admit that you have talent,"

He turned around and walked away as he finished speaking.

Everyone watching the scene was taken aback when the young man in white turned around to leave. However, many people understood why he left. As a talented man, he couldn't grow in the shadow of another, more talented man.

Fang Yan's heart was pounding as he walked away. To be honest, he couldn't accept his defeat; he knew he was more talented than that man, but he couldn't retort. But his steps came to a halt when the soft voice reached his ears once more.

"Did I ask about your opinion on my talent? Aren't you forgetting something?"

Fang Yan's brow furrowed and his eyes scowled as he turned around to see that man with a slight smile on his face. He could tell that the man was mocking him as he saw that smile.

"What exactly do you want?" His loud voice echoed as his gaze fixed on the man.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Andy's voice reached his ears again.

Fang Yan fell silent for a moment as he scanned his surroundings. His lips pursed as his hoarse voice echoed. He'd had enough of the insult.


But, just as he said those words, his gaze was drawn to Andy, whose lips pursed into a wide smile, but he remained rooted to the spot as if lightning struck him when the mellow voice of Andy reached his ears.

"I want that pendant hanging on your neck,"

His head bowed inadvertently as the red jade pendant that hung around his neck attracted his dark eyes. His hand moved as he squeezed his grip on the pendant.

"WHY?" his hoarse voice echoed, his dark eyes fixed on the Pendant. He couldn't figure out why, of all things, the man asked for the Pendant. Is he familiar with this pendant? His heartbeat sped up as he thought about it.

His memories were still fresh when his old man informed him that he had found him outside a monastery, wrapped in red cloth and wearing a pendant around his neck. On the pendant, the word FANG was carved beautifully. That is why the old man named him Fang Yan.

Even though he hated his parents for abandoning him, he still carried the pendant for the keepsake. As it was the last thing, his parents had left for him. But now someone is asking for this pendant. He was really hoping to hear something about his parents.

But then he heard an unexpected answer, "I like the Red color,"

When he heard the nonsensical answer, a sudden fit of rage welled up in his heart and his body shook as he clenched the Pendant tightly and gritted his teeth.

His eyes were bloodshot as he yanked the pendant from his neck and tossed it at the man in front of him and he turned around and walked away.

Even though the pendant was precious to him, his pride was more important. He'd had enough insults for the day, and he wanted no more.

Andy caught the Pendant, his gaze fixed on Fang Yan's departing figure. As Fang Yan's figure vanished into the crowd, his gaze was pulled to the circular Jade Pendant that rested on his palm. He even noticed the word FANG beautifully carved on it. His lips curved into a smile as he clenched the pendant in his hands, which then disappeared.

This pendant was the reason Fang Yan tracked down his long-lost parents on the Phoenix Continent. They were one of the Powerful Families, even with some influence in the Upper World. In the book, Fang Yan became even more arrogant after discovering that his family was one of the most powerful families in the world.

Even though Fang Yan could meet his parents. However, without the pendant, it would be delayed for some time.

And all he needed was some time.


Unbeknownst to anyone, a hooded figure witnessed everything that happened on stage. For a long time, his gaze fixed on the Young Man in Black Robe. He hesitated as if to contemplate something, before shifting his gaze to the departing figure of the Young Man in the White Robe. He clenched his teeth and walked away from the scene after one last look at the young man on stage.

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