23 Crown Prince

Andy nodded slightly and waited for their response as he observed the people in front of him.

While the manager had an elated expression on his face, the others had their gaze fixed on the fruit in the manager's hands, with greed in their eyes.

As he clutched the fruit in his hand, the manager's gaze was fixed on the young man in front of him. The boy was shrouded in mystery, as a black mask covered the upper half of his face, revealing his blue eyes through the mask.

Murmurs billowed as the manager cleared his throat and asked, "Young Master Di An. Yo.."

But Andy interrupted him, saying softly, "Sorry to interrupt, but would you please call me Andy?"

"An Di?" The manager furrowed his brows and murmured,

Andy, on the other hand, shook his head and said, "It's Andy, not An Di. This is how my master called me." When he finished the sentence, he let out a long sigh.

As he sighed, his eyes scanned the people on stage, who all had surprised expressions on their faces. Especially that so-called father named Lu Yong, who had his gaze fixed on him the entire time as if he was thinking about something.

But then the Demon Lord's startling voice echoed in his mind, "When the hell did I call you Andy? And what happened to your noble name, Di An?"

Andy shook his head slightly, his attention fixed on the manager in front of him, who wore a surprised expression for a moment before smiling as he said,

"It's fine, Young Master Andy. I heard you came to this city especially to attend the gathering?"

Andy nodded and said, "My master sent me here to experience the world, and when I heard that all the prestigious sects of this continent were gathering for the selection of disciples, I thought it would be a good way for me to experience life as a sect disciple,"

"What a noble thought your master had. He was right. You should travel the world. Sitting and cultivating will not help you grow. Please come, and I'll introduce you to our esteemed guests." The manager smiled and said.

Andy's gaze was fixed on the manager's quivering lips. He had a sudden urge to laugh when he noticed how that manager was trying to flatter him, but he restrained himself. Nonetheless, this reaffirmed his theory that people would not touch him if they knew who he was.

The manager turned around and walked towards the people on stage after receiving the nod from Andy. Apart from Lu Yong, he could see that there were seven men and one woman standing on the stage.

After a while, the manager introduced the middle-aged man standing in the middle.

"His Majesty, Tang Haoran, Crown Prince of the Black Dragon Continent."

Andy was amazed when he heard the name, but then a meaningful smile appeared on his face. In front of him stood a middle-aged man in a grey robe, with a thin mustache and his hair tied back. He had sunken eyes and a slightly anxious expression on his face.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, your highness," he said as he clasped his hand.

The crown prince also clasped his hand and said, "Welcome, Young Master Andy." Even though he said the welcoming words, it was clear from his expression that he was not enthusiastic, as some worry was eating him.

Andy didn't mind since he knew why the crown prince was concerned. His only daughter had a profound yin constitution and was bedridden; he was told she wouldn't live past the age of twenty and no medicine could help her condition. He traveled around the world and dug up every record to discover that only ten thousand years old profound fruit could cure this condition.

Furthermore, he was unable to concentrate on the kingdom as a result of his depression. Even his brothers began plotting to assassinate him to take the throne. Despite his power, he and his family were on the verge of being killed by his brothers.

He came to this gathering hoping to obtain the fruit from the Realm. Andy knew that the opening of the realm held special significance for the sects because rare, aged fruits, which are beneficial for cultivation, could be found there.

According to the book, it was Fang Yan who discovered the fruit and presented it to the crown prince. And it was Fang Yan who assisted him in obtaining the throne by massacring all the princes.

He was so much impressed with Fang Yan that he betrothed his daughter to him, recognizing Fang Yan's limitless potential.

But there was one catch in this whole scenario. The crown prince's daughter. She possessed a unique constitution, which could greatly assist her partner in increasing the speed of cultivation while dual cultivating with her. And, by the end of the book, the princess had grown into a formidable figure.

In the book, after dual cultivating with her, Fang Yan's cultivation speed increased dramatically.

Andy looked at the figure in front of him, whose worried eyes were fixed on his. Suddenly, a jade box appeared in his hand as he presented it to the crown prince.

Crown Prince furrowed his brows and shifted his gaze from the box to Andy, inquiring sternly, "What is this?"

Andy slightly smiled and said, "During my travel, I heard that your Highness is in search of profound yin fruit. And coincidentally I have a fifty thousand-year-old profound yin fruit. I hope this would help you."

The crown prince was shocked as his gaze was fixed on the box in the hands of Andy. He then looked at Andy and asked, "Is it true?"

Andy could tell the crown prince's voice was trembling. When the Crown Prince asked a single question, he witnessed a range of emotions in his tone. His voice was mixed with slight expectation, a little nervousness, and contained a doubt.

Andy nodded and extended his hand.

The crown prince's heart pounded as he extended his trembling hand to grab the box in front of him when he saw the young man nod. His whole body shook with joy as he grabbed the box and hurriedly opened it.

As his gaze was drawn to a pear-shaped black fruit in a box with five white stripes, tears poured from his eyes. The young man was correct; this was fifty thousand-year-old fruit, as one stripe represented ten thousand years. When his years-long search ended, he felt a surge of emotions in his heart. His only daughter could now be saved. And it was all due to the young man in front of him. Who came to him as a savior?

Andy's heart was filled with a variety of emotions as his gaze was fixed on the man in front of him. Even though he helped the crown prince for an ulterior motive, he was happy from the bottom of his heart when he saw the crown prince's love for his daughter.

Unknowingly, his eyes were drawn to the silver-haired man in the far corner of the stage, whose gaze was fixed on him. But, as soon as he saw those blue eyes, the man's head bowed down inadvertently.

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