26 Calculations

Lu Yong, the patriarch of the Lu family, stood on the far side of the stage. He was staring fixedly at the Young Man with an envious look in his eyes. He heard every word that those Elders of the sect said to entice the young man.

Even he was baffled when he heard the words the Grand Elder of the Eternal Palace spoke. Everyone on the stage understood what those words actually meant. Even within the sect, not everyone could enter the Divine Realm. It was now being offered to an outsider?

Even though the Lu family was one of the most powerful in the region, with many of its members already disciples of the Eternal Palace sect, only a couple of family members could enter the Divine, and he was one of them.

His lips pursed as various thoughts flashed across his mind while his eyes were fixed on the man.

Several days ago, he heard various reports about the young master who had arrived in the city. He didn't mind since the gathering and opening of that realm were just around the corner, and many people just visited the city. However, when he learned that the man could be from a hidden family, even he instructed his family to gather as many details as possible as soon as possible.

But the moment he saw the man step out of the carriage, an unexplainable feeling welled up in his heart. When he glanced at the silver-haired, half-masked man in front of him, his heart skipped a beat. He had a distinct impression that he had seen that man before, but he couldn't place where.

At one point, he felt that the figure of his deceased son overlapped with the figure in front of him. But in the end, he tossed that thought aside, since the young man was a well-known and talented cultivator. Even the Young Masters of this continent couldn't compete with this Young Man. And his late son was a worthless mortal who died for the greater good.

While his eyes observed every action of the young man, his ears picked up on every word that escaped from the man in front of him.

He was even more surprised when the young man said he had arrived from the Higher world, but he doubted those words since anyone can claim anything. But when he saw the young man take out the Rainbow fruit and hand it over to the Manager, all of his doubts vanished. Fire lit up in his eyes. The ancestor, who had been in seclusion for a breakthrough, desperately needed the fruit.

He was even more surprised when he saw him presenting the Profound Yin fruit to the crown prince since that fruit could rarely be found in this world. That reaffirmed the words of the young man that he came from the higher world.

A pang of guilt flashed through his heart as his eyes caught sight of the crown prince's tear-filled eyes, but when he saw the young man turn to face him, he couldn't bear the scornful look in those blue eyes, and he felt some unknown shame when those eyes glared at him.

But his shame faded away when he saw that young man smiling at his future daughter-in-law as he pondered a possible solution to his problems. A thought crossed his mind when his eyes caught the sight of smiling Shi Yi, but then he witnessed a scene he had never experienced before in his life. The Young Man could withstand the blow from the Heavenly Master Realm. When he heard the unusual declarations from those elders of the sect, he became even more determined to connect with this young man.

But when he heard those words from the Grand Elders of the Eternal Palace Sect, envy filled his heart as his gaze was drawn to the young man. He envied the family of the young man to whom he was born; why couldn't any of the sons be compared to the young man in front of him?

Suddenly, his gaze shifted to the VIP box, where Shi Yi sat, her gaze fixed on the Young Man. A glint flashed across his eyes as he returned his attention to this Young Master Andy, who had a slight smile on his face.


Fang Yan, who was in the crowd, saw everything he didn't expect to see. The so-called Young Master Andy stood in the middle, besieged by offers from every sect.

As his gaze was fixed on the Young Man in the Black Robe, his palms clenched into fists, his mouth pursed, his teeth bit his lips, a drop of blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth, as he heard a voice screaming inside his head.

'Why? Why is this world so unfair to me?'

But when he heard the words Eternal Palace, a flame ignited in his heart. His gaze shifted from the Old Man to the Young Man, and then to everyone on the stage. When he saw the young man's smile spread across his face and his eyes caught sight of the young man clasping his hands to the old man standing on the stage, he had a foreboding feeling, as someone had stolen something precious from him.

"What is it?" he muttered as his heart pounded furiously while his gaze fixed on the smiling face of the Young Man.


A smile spread across Andy's face when he heard the word Divine Realm. This is the same place mentioned in the book where Fang Yan got Immortal's sword.

While there was a deafening silence on stage, everyone observed Young Master Andy clasping his hand to the Grand Elder of Eternal Palace, while his voice echoed throughout the stage.

"Please take care of me,"

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