Life of a stepping stone - as a villain

When fate chooses you to be a stepping stone, for its chosen son to shine - what do you do in return. Accept it? Wait to die? Hope that the next life will be better? Or fight back. Against fate, against those protagonist, and against everyone. Ali Arya, the handsome and happy young master of the Arya family. The man who had everything - a loving family, a childhood sweetheart, a friend who's more like a brother, and followers who'll not hesitate to die for him. Yet all this love and luxury was only supposed to last until the day he met his fateful enemy - the chosen child of destiny. But as they say, if Good has a God, then the darkness has a devil. And the Devil did found him. [Ding - The Great Villain System 2.0 is here.] [Worry not oh pitiful prey, for I'll turn you into the finest hunter in creation.] [Devil smiles staring at the blind canvas of this planet.] [Paint it red.] From then on Ali started his counterattack against the so called will of the world and fought against all the chosen sons and his enemies. The roles had reversed now. Those protagonists can just be his stepping stones now. As for those heroines, well since these heroes like snatching the girls from others, he shall let them have a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side. To be abandoned and be green'd. ## Join my discord for character arts and discussions https://discord.gg/zFTJsYP7kM DevilDarkness#0506

DevilDarkness · Urban
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93 Chs

Kevin wishes for a system

After looking at the information sent to him, Ali was already sure about this protagonist, he just needed to wait and see what kind of gold finger or plotlines this guy could have.

From what he saw in novels and stories till now, there'll be a delivery scene where this guy catches his girl cheating at some hotel and offend some rich guy, or get kicked out of his job for some odd reason, and then awaken his gold finger, and start performing face slapping scenes right and left.

"System, can you tell me what kind of goldfinger or plot armor this guy has?"

[Kill Kevin first.]

Hearing the expected response Ali just shook his head and didn't bother with it much. For now he didn't want to bother with anyone else, and just focus on Kevin.