Life of a stepping stone - as a villain

When fate chooses you to be a stepping stone, for its chosen son to shine - what do you do in return. Accept it? Wait to die? Hope that the next life will be better? Or fight back. Against fate, against those protagonist, and against everyone. Ali Arya, the handsome and happy young master of the Arya family. The man who had everything - a loving family, a childhood sweetheart, a friend who's more like a brother, and followers who'll not hesitate to die for him. Yet all this love and luxury was only supposed to last until the day he met his fateful enemy - the chosen child of destiny. But as they say, if Good has a God, then the darkness has a devil. And the Devil did found him. [Ding - The Great Villain System 2.0 is here.] [Worry not oh pitiful prey, for I'll turn you into the finest hunter in creation.] [Devil smiles staring at the blind canvas of this planet.] [Paint it red.] From then on Ali started his counterattack against the so called will of the world and fought against all the chosen sons and his enemies. The roles had reversed now. Those protagonists can just be his stepping stones now. As for those heroines, well since these heroes like snatching the girls from others, he shall let them have a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side. To be abandoned and be green'd. ## Join my discord for character arts and discussions https://discord.gg/zFTJsYP7kM DevilDarkness#0506

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Death , well kind off

On his way, as if thinking something Ali, he tried calling his guards for a few times and didn't get through. When he finally reached the place where Kevin lived according to Liv's investigation Ali had his eyes surprised. Just one street away from that address into a quiet alleyway, he noticed Kevin sitting on a chair, while in front of him was Daniel, his bodyguard, an elite soldier trained for over a decade, crying and begging on his knees, while constantly speaking all kinds of stuff about the Arya family and him.

"Hey, turn off the lights." Kevin shouted, covering his head to blinding car lights.

Without waiting for anything Ali directly placed his foot over the race pedal and rushed forward at high speed.

The car left a screeching sound as he felt a little shock bump when it hit someone and came to a halt soon. Not even a scream for the one being crushed rang out from below the car. Ali hoped to kill Kevin the same way he killed Shiva, yet when he got out to see their bodies, he was disappointed to see only one person thrown away in the accident.

"Young master…my family..?" Daniel managed to utter a few final words before his breathe left his body along with all his blood flowing around like a river.

Not seeing Kevin's figure, Ali glanced around for a few times but failed to find anyone, until he felt a sudden pain in the back of his head that spinned his body for a few seconds.

"And here I thought I won't get a chance to teach you a lesson, for quite a while." Kevin's voice came to Ali's ears. As he shook his bleeding head since his vision turned blurry due to pain or concussion.

"If you kept sending your minions to trouble me or my sister I'd really be in a tough spot. But since you're idiot enough to deliver yourself to my door, I'd happily take your life." Kevin said and threw the metal pipe in his hands aside, and pulled a knife from his back.

Ali realized the military knife which belonged to Daniel. But he didn't have time to think much on how or what actually happened. Or Why someone like Daniel would be defeated by a normal nobody like Kevin, to the point of begging for mercy and betraying Arya family.

Cause Kevin was already moving swiftly in his direction while uttering some nonsense, that Ali's brain couldn't hear or make sense of properly.

"If I kill you silently, it can just be another accidental death or case of a robbery gone wrong. I bet that pretty police girl would be quite happy to accept that as the truth."

"Your friend, Daniel he knew quite a lot, and he loved to talk."

"Ali Arya, the famous rich prince and the renowned dog licker."

"I guess dying like a dog suits your personality too."

Kevin kept talking shit about him, trying to vent his frustration of this morning's insults and beatings, while constantly moving swiftly and dangerously leaving behind one cut after another on Ali's body.

Ali tried to dodge or fight back but due to the sneak attack at first and then these weird movement styles now, he couldn't predict anything and got slashed or cut a few times.

Finally when Kevin seemed to go for the final hit, he became complacent and left an opening for Ali to switch sides and push him down.

Ali placed one foot over kevin's right hand which was still holding onto that knife, and the other foot over his stomach and started punching him again and again.

Kevin who suddenly lost the upper hand was surprised by the sudden jolts of pain hitting his face. He underestimated the strength of this rich dandy thinking he was just a show off body filled with fake proteins and muscle powders. But the increasing force and technique really did surprise him.

Snatching the knife from his hands, Ali directly pulled it and stabbed him.

But Kevin moved his head away avoiding any critical injury as the knife plunged into his shoulder.

'Damn it, where did this guy get all his strength?' Kevin tried to move out or push Ali away from his body but Ali didn't give him any space to act openly.

Seeing that Ali was about to stab him a second time, Kevin prayed that someone would come and stop this maniac. To give him a little chance to get out of this predicament.

And just then, a voice interrupted Ali's actions.

"Get your hands in the air, mister Arya."

Ali heard the noise and turned his head to see Sophia standing there with a gun in her hand, pointed at his face.

Originally Sophia was planning to go back home after her shift ended, she remembered about Kevin and decided to check up on him once. Since from tomorrow morning two constables could be stationed outside his house to guard him, she was just planning to take a look and inform him to be careful again. But who knew this is the scene that awaited her.

If she was a step too late this guy would've killed him too. Thinking like this her face turned cold and expression determined as she looked ready to shoot Ali down if he tried to hurt any more civilians.

Kevin took this chance and pushed Ali away and ran towards Sophia instantly. Although this wasn't what he wanted, he at least wanted to cripple this young master so he won't trouble him and his sister for a long time, but anyway let him be arrested for now.

"Drop the knife and step back." Sophia said as she started walking towards Ali with a handcuff in her hands. Ready to capture him.

But just when she cuffed him on one hand, Ali moved his head back and hitting her nose with it. And turned around swiftly and snatched the gun from her hands.

"You…" Sophia glared at him with surprised and angry eyes as she held her bleeding nose, but before she could say anything else, Ali turned the gun and hit her with the megazine part.

Sophia probably didn't think he would know anything about fighting too, and she can catch him easily after seeing his cooperation when he dropped the knife. But with the cold metal hitting her forehead heavily, she didn't have much thoughts left and fell unconscious instantly.

Ignoring the fallen beauty before his legs, Ali walked over her and pointed his gun at Kevin, who was also looking at this scene with surprised eyes.

'Damn it, why is this bastard so lucky? Fuck, now he even has a gun?' Kevin cursed and looked around nervously, trying to see if anyone was coming to help or if he could run away. But he didn't see anyone.

"I'm doing this world a favor by killing you." Ali said the exact words Kevin said after pushing Shiva and was ready to shoot him.

But it seems Kevin's luck was faster than his fingers, as a voice interrupted his actions.


A familiar shouting voice entered Ali's ears, as he turned his face and saw Aarvi standing by the corner, looking at him with eyes filled with fear.

Ali looked at her scared expression and suddenly seemed to wake up from his previous angry state of bloodlust.

After hearing from Meredith about what happened to shiva and later on with the police, Aarvi wanted to go back and talk to Ali, but on her way to his home, she noticed him driving past her at high speed.

Afraid that he might have an accident, she followed him, but due to the traffic in the middle she got left behind. She roamed this area a few times before she noticed his car and came here.

Only to see this unbelievable scene in front of her eyes.

Looking at the bloody scene with 3 people lying unconscious, one body covered in blood, probably dead and the only other man whom Ali was just about to kill, Aarvi didn't know what to say. She couldn't even believe her eyes as she saw his cold expression while hitting that girl and saying those words to Kevin.

This wasn't the Ali she knew, not at all. That's why she couldn't hesitate any longer and spoke up to stop him before he does something irreversible.

"Did _ you _ do it?" She slowly walked towards him while looking around. She felt nauseous just looking at all the blood all around her.

Ali followed her gaze and looked at Daniel's broken corpse and kept silent.

Kevin looked at Aarvi from the back and thought in his heart, if it's a beauty like her, he won't mind licking her here and there too.

But pushing away the horny gene down to his dick, Kevin focused on solving the trouble of this guy first.

As he noticed the military knife on the ground and kicked it with his feet.

The knife flew into the air, swizzling past Aarvi and directly stabbed Ali in the heart.

Who spat a mouthful of blood and fell down slowly after the impact.

Leaving a smirk behind while looking at Ali's closing eyes, Kevin turned back and ran away. As he noticed a car rushing towards this place at a high speed.

Aarvi looked around feeling confused over what happened. One moment Ali was fine, he put his hands down and was willing to talk with her, and then the next moment, he suddenly fell in front of her.

"... A_ali.." She said in a choking tone as she walked forward with trembling steps, but before she could take two steps further, a car stopped between her and Ali's body and the figure of Liv rushed out of it.

Her driver helped place Ali's body in the car, as Liv directly left at the highest speed her car could muster up. Driving away herself, without wasting even a second till her driver sat inside.

Aarvi just stood there in that alley filled with blood and bodies, not sure of anything. Her heart and mind were not in sync as they worked and worried over different things.

"You'll be fine. You have too. I'll kill you if you dare to die. You hear me." Liv said as she grabbed Ali's hand in her hands. Feeling the cold touch against her skin, her heart turned even colder as she drove past all the vehicles almost like crazy. Nearly hitting many cars and ruining many street stalls and shops of passersby.

Her brain told her he was dying, yet her heart refused to believe that possibility.

As she closed her eyes to stop her tears from falling down and getting distracted, she didn't notice a streak of light which flew directly from the outer sky and fell onto Ali's head and merged into him.

{Phew made it in time.}

Ali seemed to hear something in his mind before his senses gave way and he fell to the darkness.


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