Life Of A Nobody - as a Villain

This is the tale of an average nobody, who after his death got transmigrated in a new world. The memories of his average life flashed before his eyes, as he found nothing that was noteworthy about him. So in this new world should he try to change that, should he wish to be supreme, rise to the peak or to rule the heavens, but he's too lazy for that. "And how come all the names are so familiar. Don't tell me, am I in that novel?" Soon after waking up he realised this world was based upon the very first novel he read years ago. At first he felt happy that finally something unexpected happened in his life. But that happiness was short lived as he remembered the plot of the book and the crisis that was coming for the world. If that wasn't enough he was living in the body of Rio Raven Blake - avatar of Nyx. Known by his other names like The last dark spawn, The first fallen or The infamous Devil. In a world brimming with dungeons, towers, Gods, Demons, monsters and magic - our MC finds himself trapped in the body of the last villain. "I don't care about the novel plot, I'll just ignore it, and live my life peacefully." At least that was his plan, until he heard a voice in his head , that he's been waiting for all this time. [DING] [TING] [TIDING] [DID YOU MISS ME??? ] 'The great villain system, what a funny name.' You can earn points by ruining the plotlines, and can get whatever you want. Let me see, I'm a master at messing things up. [What, someone is going to do a prophecy that I will become the villain after growing up - kill him while he's still a kid.] [what, this potion was made for the protagonist and the alchemist heroine - I'll take it with me.] [ohh you're the one who saves the protagonist when he was about to die - go to prison, you traitor.] [wait, you have a sister. but she is sick and needs help - here take this potion and work for me.] Got a money making slave for life. [What, my parents are fixing my engagement with the princess, who's also a main heroine, but will betray me later and help everyone kill me - Humph...just you wait...] Once the plot started many years later, at the academy entrance exam. Protagonist was shining brightly, breaking all records, taking first rank, but no one was talking about him. As the news came out that the genius of humanity Rio Blake, will be joining the academy too. Not only mortals, even Gods and Demons were surprised at this sudden development too. {Nyx nods at her believers achievements} {Odin says you've grown a lot} {Gauri/Kali challenges you to fight her believer} {Jesus prays for your souls redemption} {Anubis awaits your enemies doom} {Lucifer writes down your lines, as you take on the Devil persona} The protagonist just stared at the guy who took all the limelight from him, but his surprise turned to shock, when his sister ran and hugged the man, while crying her eyes out, saying she missed him and she was sorry. "What is happening? Who is he? {Apollo curses...} ## -- A/N - 1) NO HAREM. (I believe in soulmate love 2) MC doesn't care about right, wrong, good, evil - as long as he gets what he want, he'll do it. 3) He hates the so called righteous hypocrites, so don't think he'll be friends with protagonist. 4) MC is serious when it comes to relationships, so don't expect any kind of pokemon collection harem. 5) MC hates the plot, so he'll ruin it. Do not expect him to follow it or him trying to keep it same as written. 6) I don't like hiding my strength tropes, so not happening. He will be OP, and a badass. ## -- Join my discord for character arts and discussions https://discord.gg/zFTJsYP7kM DevilDarkness#0506

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380 Chs

Working Nobody and his first Novel

After listening to my explanation Aarvi had the reaction of 'I knew it was his fault'.

Well after our short little chat she went to say hello to Ali and I was told to go do my work. Though before leaving she did tell me to take some time off tomorrow after seeing the pale face and those red eyes with dark circles around it.

If she didn't know me any better - I'm sure she'd think I got punched in the face.

Aarvi doesn't talk much with anyone much like me if it isn't related to work - that's why Ali is having a hard time with her.

I took my phone out and sent a message to Ali - asking for my sunglasses back. I wanted to warn him about Aarvi but I ignored it.

(that's what you get for sleeping on your job and making me work) - I thought.

Maybe it's better that they meet and talk more. That guy is usually acting like a chatterbox but in front of Aarvi he's just like a silent Buddha.

( I wonder what they'd be like together . Would Aarvi have to make a first move cause I don't think Ali will.)

Breaking me out of my thoughts on my last friends future were the voices of complaints I could hear across the whole floor.

[ hey damn this 'Fateful_Cultivator'. It's his 3rd novel with same plot and different names that I'm rejecting. ]

[ huhh that's light , you should try this 'Petty Hero'. apparently this dude has clicked all the cliche roles ]

[ Hey don't forget the award winner - Night_Ruiner. He wrote an adult novel called 'Short_Sword'. Where mc is getting ntr'ed by his own double personality after he sleeps. I'm having nightmares about it. ]

[That doesn't even make any sense. ]

[I think it's mental ntr cause physically they are the same]

[Are you justifying it idiot Simon]

[Seriously what are these people doing. Our country is going downhill. You know government should _ ]

[ohh fuck , here we go again. Guys Larry's at it again. ]

[Shut up Larry. Not everything is government's fault. ]

[Man , I should just quit my job. ]

These were all voices of people who're reading the novels submitted on our website daily.

We read hundreds of these stories daily and mostly it's all just mental torture.

If you're lucky you come across a good one , if not then you should just wait to lose your brain cells on a regular basis.

After some pleasantries and slight nods to everyone , I started my work too.


After 8 hours of serious brain torture

( I'm never signing a contract in my life ever again.)

(What're all these people doing writing this , this shit and calling it art and themselves author.)

(Should I write a novel myself ? )

(Nah Ieave it)

It's been a long time since I found a good novel , maybe I should just find the old ones and read it again.

(Even that won't be as bad as reading same cliches in every story.)

I really should have picked up a different hobby after that accident.

While I was lost in my thoughts , doubting my life decisions. I remembered the first novel I read .

The one story which got me this habit and led me here.


{ A/N :- tell me in the comments , which novel was your first and what are your thoughts on it now. }


Now that I think back on it . Even that was all cliches huh. But since I didn't know about it , that I thought it was a masterpiece.

"Apollo's Chosen - Rising Heroes of Peaceful Times"

Ughhh even that name is dumb. How the hell did I like it that much in the beginning.

Well that is to be expected since I didn't know any other novel at that time and I just needed something to take my thoughts away from the shit that was going on all around me.

The story of the novel takes place in a parallel world called 'ARCADIA' .

Which was described as a medieval world with fantasy elements mixed in. It had all the stuff that I never knew before - magic , mana , dungeons , towers , monsters , elves , orcs and best of all - systems.

The story was set in peaceful times so there wasn't much action in the beginning.

It follows the journey of the protagonist "Leon Heartwell" as he trains and rises in power , while collecting pokemons , hmmmm I mean heroines - for his harem.

And after years of peace , when finally the war breaks out and the Evil God Ditail breaks out from his realm to attack Arcadia - our protagonist defeating him .

Now you see why I told you it was cliche cause it had all the arcs - training arc , academy arc , dungeon arc , adventure , demon king arc etc.

If you can think of it - then it was there , one way or the other.

But I enjoyed it nonetheless - IGNORANCE IS BLISS afterall.

Well if cliche was all it took then it wouldn't be a 1000 long chapter novel.

The main reason why I was so into this novel and why I still remember this story clearly is because it was relatable to me.

The characters in it were so well written that despite being my first novel , I could imagine them vividly and relate to them - overall I enjoyed it.

I would read it till late nights and fight the keyboard army if anyone said anything bad about it , in the comments and reviews.

So yeah I was a loyal fan back then. After finishing that novel. I kept reading all the other novels of the same genre and then it became a habit and now a full time job.

So yeah if I say that, that novel changed my life - then I mean it quite literally.

And soon I would find that it messed up my next life too.

A/N - Thanks for reading.

I hope you liked the synopsis for the new world. It's just a rough small teasing hint so don't be disappointed if you didn't like it.


please give reviews or comments and POWER STONES.

(just a little more and then I'll kill him and we'll start his journey)

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