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It was Saturday evening around half pass eight when I enter in a big Tarven which is called Ennyobeni ' it's located in East London . I didn't notice anything because it was night ' So when I got there I found group of boys drinking beers and also dancing so I chilled with them no problem . When time goes on around 00:00 ' I felt sleepy so I decided to go outside for fresh air because inside it was warm and too much dust ' So within few minutes when I get back inside I find All those boys were busy dancing felt over the floor . I was so surprised and started to call emergency first Aid. Suddenly the person who was busy with music says ' there is no one who is still alive among those people felt over the floor ' so I didn't take it seriously until I see pharamedics arrives. Early in the morning i was shocked when I see one of the boys's parent crying over his son and this makes me to stop drinking beers at tarvens and I told myself that I will never and ever again .